Firemin Server is a small yet powerful tool for minimizing the impact multiple browser sessions has on a Windows Server’s resources. Specifically, it will minimize memory usage of multiple browser sessions on for example a terminal server. Consequently, you can allow your users to use Firefox without worrying about precious server memory being abused. Therefore this is especially useful on low memory servers.

Firemin Server has a small resource footprint and easy to use. That said, It is the only server grade program of its kind and we are swimming in unfamiliar waters. So, test it and let us know if you experience any issues or have some suggestions. Like Firemin, it was developed to optimize Firefox’s memory usage, but can be used to optimize the memory usage of any stubborn program.

Firemin Server Build 5183 main screen

Server Software

Firemin server is developed to run in a Windows Server environment. It does not optimize the core process of the selected program, instead, it cycles through all running processes and optimizes each. Using this method ensures that each process regardless of the owner is optimized. However, this method is not sufficient for a desktop computer, this is why we recommend using Firemin Server for a Windows Server environment and Firemin for a desktop environment.

Download Firemin Server

Please read before downloading Firemin

If your Browser or Antivirus program warns you about possible malware, do not worry, Firemin Server is 100% clean. Click on the VirusTotal link next to each download to view the online malware scan before downloading. Because Firemin Server uses low-level commands to perform certain functions some overeager malware detection engines will flag it as malicious, but this does not mean it is. Read more here

That said, we cannot guarantee that the Rizonesoft software downloaded from other websites does not contain malicious files. Always download Rizonesoft software from

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FilenameFireminPro_5599_Setup.exe3.00 MB
Version9.0.0.5599130 Downloads
UpdatedSeptember 16, 2022
LicenseOpen Source

Privacy Statement

At Rizonesoft we take privacy and security seriously. This is why we do not collect or store personally identifiable information when you download a file from The download counter is just incremented. Furthermore, when Firemin Server performs an update check, it simply compares the locally installed software version with the one available online.

Firemin Server Portable Edition

Download the Firemin Server portable edition for running it straight from a memory stick or portable hard drive. It will not write any settings to the registry or leave any traces on your computer.

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FilenameFireminPro_5599.zip2.36 MB
Version9.0.0.559972 Downloads
UpdatedSeptember 16, 2022

Version Changes


You can translate Firemin Server into your native language. We tried to make the translation process as painless as possible. To start, download the portable version and look for the en.ini in the Language\FireminPro\ folder. It is this file you need to translate.

Please head over to the Translate from Scratch page for a full tutorial on how to translate our programs.

Source code and support

Firemin is now built with the Rizonesoft SDK and forms part of the Resolute software suite. Please navigate to the Resolute GitHub repository to clone or download the source code. The source code is located in the SDK\Concrete\FireminPro folder.

Furthermore, if you are experiencing issues with Firemin Server or you have a suggestion, navigate to the Resolute GitHub repository issues section and leave us a note.