One of the biggest “improvements” that Mozilla claims is the Firefox memory usage, in particular, the vanquishing of memory leaks. Although Firefox memory usage improved a little over the last few years, it still uses a lot of memory; a little more than I feel comfortable with. And for this reason we created Firemin.

Memory Leaks

We like keeping our apps running for a few days (that’s just the way I roll) and because of this Firefox was using over 2000MB of memory after about 3 days. It’s quite normal for Firefox to be sucking up over 250MB of memory right off the bat. In a memory leak you’ll see the memory usage keep increasing the longer the program is open/in-use and this is exactly what happens with Firefox.

Enter Firemin

Rather than complain about it, we decided to fix it. Enter Firemin; simply put, Firemin will attempt to eliminate Firefox memory leaks and decrease the amount of memory Firefox uses. All I did was tweak our Memory Booster a little and applied it to Firefox and this solved the memory leak issues.

Firemin vs. Windows Memory Management

Windows will also periodically scan running processes and tell them to release their unused memory. You could argue that this makes Firemin unnecessary, and you would be spot on. However, It is my opinion that Windows does not clean out memory as often as I would like it to. Firemin runs the clean memory API call a few times per second.

Firemin Build 4982 main screen

The method Firemin uses to decrease Firefox memory usage is not proven and the debate over if it works or not will go on until the end of time, but the logic remains; if it works for you, use it and if it does not, don’t use it. It is really that simple.

Download Firemin

Firemin comes in two flavors. A setup utility for installing Firemin to your computer and a portable version for running it straight from a memory stick or portable hard drive. The portable version will not write any settings to the registry or leave any traces on your computer.

Just download which ever version you prefer.

Download Firemin_5060_Setup.exe (710367 downloads)
Portable (168626 downloads)
Updated November 23, 2018
File Size 2 MB
License Open Source
Requirements Windows® 7, 8 / 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit)
Malware Scan

Recent Firemin Changes

  • Added support for Persian language.
  • Added Persian translation.
  • Important security updates!


Firemin uses the exceptional Firefox 2005 icons by Jairo Boudewyn (weboso).

Firefox 2005 Icons

Firefox 2005 Icons by Jairo Boudewyn

Source Code

Download the Firemin source code from the GitHub Repository. To compile (build) the sources, you will need to download and install AutoIt Beta version or later. Download the AutoIt Script Editor (Scite) here to edit the source code.

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180 thoughts on “Firemin

  1. Franck

    I use the latest Firefox with win7. All is ok at when running, FF’s memory is drasticaly reduced 🙂
    But there’s a sad bug which makes me disable Firemin : juste after waking up my pc from the extended hibernate mode (FF and Firemin were up before), FF freezes and I must kill it via the task manager 🙁 FF woks immediatly ok from hibernation when I disable Firemin. Any idea ?

  2. User


    sorry, that I must say…..

    I think you are hacked!!!

    I load the file from “” (your actuell Link for download “Firemin_5060_Setup.exe”. When I like to install, I get the massge, that the file is corrupted and I shut load new. I do so for 3 times. Ever the same.

    When I check the file over, I found out, that I have now some Virus on my Sytem!!!!
    Thank you so mutch!!

    I´ve load the File over the Chip-Server and install that clean file.
    Not so good reputation for you. What do you think…… ????

    It will be nice, when you make a File to download for cleaning Windows-Systems from your Viruses.

    Your sincerey

  3. Pedro Augusto Santana

    Hi… The Last build 5060 has currupt file installation…

  4. Zertyuoo

    C’est vraiment efficace comme logiciel. Je suis passé de presque 2 go de RAM utilisée à 30 mo. Du coup pourquoi Firefox fonctionne aussi bien avec 2go de RAM utilisée qu’avec 30 mo et surtout pourquoi il ne se purge pas de lui même puisque visiblement les informations en mémoire ne sont pas indispensable?
    En tout cas merci d’avoir arranger ça c’est bien pratique.

    Your software is super efficient. I went from almost 2 GB of RAM used to 30 mo. Suddenly why Firefox works as well whatever the amount of RAM used and especially why it does not purge itself since obviously the information in memory is not essential?
    In any case thank you for arranging that it is convenient.

  5. Martin

    Hello, and thanks for this great program!
    Is it possible to contact the developer?
    I tried in many ways without success… mail, telegram…

  6. Alex

    Super great result! 1.3GB -> 60MB (reported by Windows Task Manager).

    1. John

      open firemin and click Extended Processes.. there you can add chrome.exe or any browser or applications with .exe file extension

  7. YuuNyaa

    got it down from 85% usage to 56% with 5 tabs open. I only have 4gbs of ram and is saving money for an SSD and more RAM. Firemin is actually good! though I think it needs upgrading for the guys who have lower end CPU’s(since my i5 2310 still works well) especially since I noticed that there are spikes CPU usage when it dumps memory. overall Firemin is good

  8. Harold

    Does constant mmory management cause hardware issues?
    Unnecessary wear and tear???

  9. rene

    A good idea in principle but in practice it only eats my processor which goes up to 50%.

  10. Dave

    Firemin set to Reduce FF memory usage to below 900 MB, Reduced every second.
    Firemin says “Process Usage is 732 MB, but Windows Task Manger says 2638 MB is being used.
    Given CPU temp. and fan operating speed and frequency, Windows Task Manager is obviously correct.
    WTF isn’t Firemin working as it should?

  11. Peter

    I have 7 tabs open right now, and they use 3.7gb of my ram. :/
    I hope this fixes it.

  12. yonigo

    Firemin is amazing, and I recommend it regularly to people who, like me, use older hardware (Thinkpads).
    Is there a 64-bit version of the latest update?

    1. Derick Payne Post author

      The 64-bit version is build into the installation file. It will automatically install it when a 64-bit Windows is detected. Or alternatively, the 64-bit version can be found in the portable package. Thank you for recommending Firemin, the support is appreciated.

  13. bekhan

    Can’t download 🙁
    I’m in a loop, I click to download, go to Downloads page, click Firemin it brings me back to this page etc. Maybe the hotlink protection who doesn’t work proprely.


    Your description of Firemin is way too modest.

    Especially on Chrome (Windows 7), it stops the slow growing memory bloat in its tracks. Instead of seeing 200MB or more for several processes I see 20MB or 30MB. It hits 150MB when e.g., streaming a movie but as soon as the movie stops, it’s back down to 20/30 MB.

    I have had no problems with stability or interference with addons (using it a year or so) and it should be much more widely promoted for both Firefox and Chrome.

    If you made a version of Firefox using the Mozilla base, and a version of Chrome using the Chromium base, incorporated Firemin into both, and got them included in some of those “browser efficiency” comparisons you’d very quickly have the most downloaded and installed browsers.

    Maybe Mozillamin and Chromiumin?

  15. James

    Your tools are AWESOME.
    Thank You.
    I cannot donate much but will tell friends about Rizonesoft’s greatness.

    1. Mike

      If it works for you, given the magnitude of the issue it’ll have resolved, it’s worth at least $50.
      If so, make some sacrifices and give the guy $50. Don’t be a low-life stingy tight-arse piece of filth like 95% of humans.

  16. Markus Geier

    Dear Sir

    Thank you for your tool.
    I tried with Firefox Quantum latest release, but it freezes some websites.
    And till yet I couldn’t reach you!



  17. Markus Geier

    Dear Sir

    I have troubles with Firemin and Firefox Quantum latest release.
    There are some Cloud-Websites hanging.


    Markus Geier

  18. Marcos Jacoby

    Have any chance of a Linux version of Firemin or Firemin exist only because Windows it’s a wrecked system pasted with junk scripts?

  19. Larry Wagner

    Every time you have an update and I attempt to install it, get a message “ShellEx Failedcode 8235 A referral was returned from the server.” Same message, no matter what computer I attemtp to install it on. Have complained in past. No response from you. Sad.

  20. Guido76

    The link for the portable version is broken.
    We arrive on the download page but .zip don’t download.
    Link for the .exe run well.

  21. Alex2018

    Hello, and verified that Firemin also works with games. How much RAM is advisable to reduce?

  22. John

    hi, please fix portable download link because when i click it, it just redirect back to download page & not downloading the portable version, thanks

      1. John

        Hi, portable download link is now working fine & for installed version (setup) is also works fine, thanks for reply

  23. Hate computers


    I get warning from windows defender so I skip this.
    I know it might still be ok but I dont want to take any chances.

    Seemed like a great solution to a problem that just shouldnt even exist in the first place.
    Is there browsers that handles memory better than firsfox ??

    I am getting tired of firefox with ALL the problems it comes with, like the plugin container in the past…maybe it is still part of the problem. Firefox devs seems to be morons.

    1. Marcos Jacoby

      Windows Defender warns you of Microsoft spying you while you use Windows?
      Certainly Firefox have it’s faults but I prefer a company that respect my privacy that another that spy me in every way it’s possible.
      And for what I have learned with experience, in fact the problem of leakage occurs in WMM (Windows Memory Management). Firefox don’t have this faults on Linux or MacOS.

  24. Dmitry

    It seems to work awesome for Firefox, thank you! Quick question: does the MemBoost work the same way but for all apps? So do I need to run them both or MemBoost will work for everything including Firefox?

    1. Derick Payne Post author

      You do not need to run them both, but I have found that running Firemin with Memory Booster yield better results.

      1. Dmitry

        Thank you, Derick, will try two apps at the same time =) With Memory Booster Chrome is also not consuming too much memory now. My ultrabook finally works as it should. You are just awesome, thank you! Hope you’ve got my donation already =) Thanks again, you are awesome!

        1. Derick Payne Post author

          Than you for your support. Although just using Firemin is enough support, a donation goes a long way. Thank you for that. 🙂 Please let me know if there is anything else I could help you with. If you find a bug or something is not working as expected, do not hesitate to let me know.

  25. Frode

    Realy nice progam. Reduced Firefox from about 1,5Gb to 50 Mb of memory usage.
    It worked on Chrome too.

    Got one question.
    Is it possible to run two Firemin at the same time on for Firefox and one for Chrome?
    or the possiblility to monito two browsers at the same time?

    1. Derick Payne Post author

      Although Firemin is not able to monitor both browsers, you can select your main browser and then enter the other one’s process into Extended Processes. For example; select Firefox.exe as the main browser and then enter Chrome.exe in Extended Processes.

  26. El_trabuco

    Agradezco esta utilidad, Firemin, porque muchos de los procesos que se ejecutan en memoria pueden ser reducidos con este sencillo programa.

  27. Steve

    I too have the same issue as anonymous, when Windows 7 Home SP1 gets to the desktop the Firemin settings screen is launched automatically. I have several computers and I have halted installation for this. It does not affect my Windows 10 machines, they are fine. Windows 8.1 I have not tried. My Windows 7 machines I only installed on one when I noticed the issue and halted till I can find out why this is happening on 4935, Reverting back for now.

  28. Peter

    Assume I use 32bit Firefox on 64bit Win7: Do I have to install 32bit or 64bit Firemin?

    Does Firemin work for ALL Firefox versions (even for older v52.* Firefox ESR) ?

  29. anonymous

    I have noted in he current build that when I start my PC Firemin starts up with a statup screen instead of just being minimized in the Taskbar. If I click on the Firemin application page it then minimizes to the tray advising via a popup message that it is minimised but still working.

    Is there anyway to get the app to start with windows but not show the main screen on startup and just self minimize to the tray.

    Len C

    1. Derick Payne Post author

      Not sure what you mean by a certificate. Firemin was not created with Mozilla and or endorsed by them.

  30. Michael

    Access denied when trying to download the latest version. Why do you have to zip the installer, why can’t you just offer the executable for download like others do..?!

      1. Sigh

        No the link is not fixed. I tried it today, March 7th, 2018 and it is not working.

      2. Sigh

        After clicking on the 3 different links about 6 times, it finally worked.

  31. Santa

    Love your software! But… when trying to install the latest update (4890) I get the following error: (screenshot of error message)

    I had the installer set to “automatically close apps”

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      I could not reproduce the error. Could you please give me more information: OS? 32 or 64-bit? As much information as you can. The error occurs on menu creation, but after testing it on a Windows 7 and XP installation, I recieved no errors.

      1. Santa

        Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

        After I received the error, I reinstalled 4890 overtop again, and received the same error, however, firemin WAS updated to latest version. I tried again just now to reinstall overtop, and did NOT get an error.

        I suspect it was because I rebooted after the first two attempts, so this third attempt had no error message. I think rebooting solved the issue.

        All appears well!

  32. Matt

    Went to upgrade to latest version 4890 of Firemin today and while installing, Avast Anti-Virus flagged it and would not allow me to proceed. Also, why is the file labeled “unknown publisher” after I downloaded it went to install. I still have the prior version operational, but this latest version will not install until it is analyzed and passes muster with Avast labs.

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      All Rizonesoft will show “Unknown Publisher” until we get our hands on another Software Signing Certificate. We are working on it and if all goes according to plan will acquire one at the end of February. Furthermore, please read “Is Rizonesoft Software Safe?” for more about false-positives and a possible solution. Here is the VirusTotal scan: As you can see the detection is a false positive.

      To report a false positive to Avast, do the following:

      Add an exclusion for Firemin in Avast. Use this contact form to submit the file: Make sure you’ve noted that it is “False Positive” or send the file to Pack the file into ZIP archive and lock it with password “virus” (without quotes) and attach it to the e-mail. Write the same password inside mail body, so the Avast analysts will know the password right away without guessing. You can also add web address to that file (or webpage of the file/program) if it’s on the internet. Add your own note on why do you think that it’s a false positive. If it was really a false positive, you will get a reply mail after some time.

      In conclusion, thank you for your support!

      1. Mike S

        Same problem here, Panda Free Antivirus (Panda Security 2017) v 18.0.00, on w7 ult x64.

  33. Kent

    Hi I tried downloading the latest version of firemin (setup and portable) but apparently your URL links for the latest versions don’t have enough parameters submitted in them (but the previous versions have their own parameters – only the latest versions are problematic). I had to copy the previous firemin version URLs and amended the missing parameters to fit the updated version in order to begin downloading. Other than that, thank you for your continued development.

  34. SankaRea

    On Windows 10, the Windows Defender found the Firemin_X64.exe is Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl in

  35. Random Asking Person

    Whats the point of using Firemin if Memory Booster does the same and covers all the processes? Or am I loosing something?

    1. Lawrence

      Firefox has it’s own issues that can only be addressed with software such as Firemin and the latest version ( improves memory usage measurably, that is quite noticeably, at least it does for me.

  36. trog7777

    season’s greetings,

    since firemin build 48xx – if you click on the icon on the task tray, the Extended Processes button does nothing, neither on win 7 or win 8.1, yet if right click the tray icon it does display the extended process panel.
    Also under Win8.1 x64 , Firemin does not auto start with windows.
    If I force the firemin file to the windows startup folder – dumb win8.1 actually copies the firemin executable to that folder and when pc starts – displays ” Fugue.dll is missing “,
    Win8.1 wont let me create a firemin.exe shortcut into the startup folder, yet will let me create a shortcut of the firemin folder into the startup folder, and pops up the folder on computer startup – go figure!. And if I copy the firemin desktop shortcut to the startup folder – windows just ignores the shortcut file…
    [ micro$oft and their annoying pedantic over-security in the recent operating systems – IF it aint a M$ product, you must re-authorize each file every time you run it under Win8.1, even though set to admin privileges – doesn’t matter how many thousand times it has been run before on the same computer – most files windows wants to block when trying to run them – including firemin and firefox etc…. ]

    Win8.1 x64, i3 cpu , AVG antivirus.

    tried FireFox 57 x64 quantum [it unfortunately auto updated],
    Too many glytches , including disabling all addons and bookmark toolbar is broken – have gone back to FF 48 …
    Anyways, FF Quantum update for some dumb reason changed the install folder to be under the “/users/../../firefox ” subfolders [win8.1 i.e. ]… so had to tell firemin where to find quantum FF

    If when you adjust settings, why is there no [OK] button or some such to close the settings panel? Normally a [Cancel] button is there to regress, stop or undo any recent adjustments …
    … or are you supposed to assume the [X] button is to close the settings panel?

    I see there is a new firemin update to build 4839 today, have not yet tried that out.
    … which reminds me – often if the update notify panel has been ignored for a while, and/or the settings panel left in the background, you cannot close either panel without using right click on the tray icon to actually Close firemin – or sometimes need to forcibly close firemin with task manager… then have need to re-start firemin, even on Win7.

    sorry for my comments turning into a novella .

    all the best for 2018

    where the [ Post Comment ] is, there should perhaps be a third option –
    [ ] notify me via email, only on reply to my comments post.

  37. Anonymous

    Hi. I’ve installed Firemin_4838_Setup.exe and upon starting Firemin, build version reads:
    “4837 : 64-bit” and prompts me to download the update again. Any ideas? I’m using Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64. Thank you.

  38. Daniel is only 32-Bit! 64 bit has not been updated, is still version!

  39. Tof_28

    The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the programm. I am under Windows 10 64 b

  40. Gary Mander

    It would be nice if Firemin displayed “Reduce Firefox memory” in the taskbar instead of displaying “Firemin_Xxx.exe”.

  41. Sono

    While Firemin 4825 is running on Windows 7 Pro(64bit), the Esc key will not work.

    1. Jacks

      i can also confirm what Sono said While Firemin 4825 is running on Windows 7 Ultimate X64 the Esc key will not work at all hope that’s fixed soon i really like your work

  42. David L MO

    I had been beating my head on the wall. I use Firefox – often with lots of Tabs. Memory use creeps up and Up and UP. 200 — 400 heck, I hit nearly 1 GB and this is running on an old XP with 2 GB. And I discovered this.

    Found this and IT WORKS Very Well.

    And I am running the latest Firefox and it still LEAKS.

    Now with 11 Tabs open and Tunderbird as well (another leaker), Firefox shows 70 MB in Task Manager.

    Thank you. It Works.

  43. Lawrence

    Absolutely CRAZY! My memory has gone from 2GB to under 100MB. Brilliant!! I know it’s a big ask but I would like to see the CPU usage come down. Apart from that a big THANK YOU!

  44. Javafreak

    Great app!
    Well who guess , firefox written C++ language , that memory leaks will appear.
    firemin very good app, it works superb and it is FREE, EVEN BETTER I SAY!
    Huge thanks, now i have time to save some buck for better hardware which can run some bullshit js stuff…

  45. JL Jones

    Another request / suggestion — one which might be another way to customize the frequency with which Firemin does its thing, as many have requested: add a ENABLE/DISABLE selection toggle to the systray icon context menu. That way one could leave Firemin running all the time and “manually” invoke it periodically when desired. I realize this means coding the functionality into the program and I don’t know if that is easy or not, but in case it is, it would be great. Thanks.

  46. Erica G

    hi! I just downloaded Firemin. However, when I restarted PC, the warning(?) window popped up.
    its said;
    “Required resources missing(title)
    A required resource file (C:\Users\XXX\AppDaa\Local\\Firemin_4615\Fugue.dll) is missing. This file keeps all the pretty icons. Why somebody would not like pretty icons is beyond me? What would you do with all this extra space?”
    I uninstalled, downloaded and installed it again. But this window popped up. How can I fix it? Did I do something wrong?

  47. levant_de

    Nice app but did a way exist to clear the ram only every 15 or 60 minutest?
    the Problem is that i play minecraft and every minute the firefox comes in foreground when i use firemin.

    Thanks a lot.

  48. JL Jones

    I have a feature / functionality request. I’m testing Firemin 4 x64 w/ Firefox 54.0.1 x64 under Windows 7. I would like to be able to add a custom RAM trigger (limit) — say, 600MB. I tried editing the INI file to reflect this but it did not work (or I did it wrong). I prefer if Firemin is not triggered anywhere near as often as the current 99MB and/or 9000 millisecond settings require. If this is possible or can be worked into future releases, that’d be great. THX

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      That isa brilliant idea. I will mostdefiinately add it to future releases.

  49. Edgardo

    Thank you very much, it works perfectly.
    My PC is: Processor Type DualCore Intel Pentium E2140, 1600 MHz (8 x 200)
    System Memory 2048 MB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)
    OS Windows XP Proffesional Version 2002, Service Pack 3
    Firefox ESR 52.2.0 (32 bit).
    The memory consumption is low from 500MB to 50Mb … having 3 open firefox mozilla tabs.
    A single Mozilla Firefox window consumes me 15 MB of memory.
    Thank you for existing.
    Greetings and Good Luck
    Muchas Gracias, funciona perfectamente.
    Mi pc es: Tipo de procesador DualCore Intel Pentium E2140, 1600 MHz (8 x 200)
    Memoria del Sistema 2048 MB (DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM)
    SO Windows XP Proffesional Version 2002, Service Pack 3
    Firefox ESR 52.2.0 (32 bits).
    El consumo de memoria bajo de 500MB a 50Mb..teniendo 3 pestañas de mozilla firefox abiertas.
    Una sola ventana de Mozilla Firefox me consume de memoria 15 MB.
    Gracias por existir.
    Saludos y Buena Suerte

  50. Ronald Geiken

    Wow!!!! With this app installed and working, the amount of memory that Firefox is using is unbelievably low. Glad I found this app and it will be on my computer from here on out. Before installing this app, I had times when Firefox would not respond and I had to restart it. Memory usage is changeing quite a bit, but it is still probably less than 250 meg while previously I had times when it got to 1.5 Gig and that is where it loses control and nothing further can be done to it except restart it.

  51. Arno VP

    GREAT!!! 😀 Memory optimizing – from 800mb to max 250mb and work it.


    Yo e utilizado la Version: Firemin portable en xp sp3 INTEL COER 2DUO E4600 @ 2.40HZ 4gb ram placa GIGABYTE ME AGRADADO QUE AMENORA EL COMUNISMO DE RAM DE FERIFOX

  53. Mugurel

    Well it works, but for some reason the hard disk usage sky rockets to 100% and it remains that way when firemin is running. So you get rid of one problem and get a new one, not much of a fix.

  54. Ali

    When using Firemin Mozilla it slows down too much and if I use it for a while causes a memory failure and a blue screen.
    I use Windows 7 with 4 GB of ram.

  55. Noel

    I wonder if this is updated to be used with x64 firefox. I have x64 version and when I try to run, it tells me, it can not find firefox in Program Files (x86)

      1. ersjunio74

        Just open Firemin window then Browse or got to folder and select firefox file “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”, and don’t forget to Save your settings.

  56. Rose White

    great that has helped a lot 1 last question is there a way to have Firemin going on 2 browsers at one time for example Firefox and Palemoon my daughter and i both play a app on fb I use pale moon she uses Firefox is there a way we can have it on both browsers at the same time

  57. Rose White

    Hello , I would like to thank you for all your hard work 🙂 would also love version for or simple step by step instructions for people who use Pale moon . is there any way you can add a out of the box so to speak for Pale moon users please please as you know its a Mozilla based browser but the setting are just off just enough to not let me sort out how to add this wonderful program to my Pale moon . again much respect for all the hard work you do and ty

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      I still wanted to write a tutorial for the new Firemin. I’m just not getting around to it. To get Firemin working for Palemoon, all you need to do is select the Palemoon exe on the main screen.

        1. Rose White

          sorry for the stupid questions , but got it on firefox great but need it on palemoon was told i would have to get a older version a beta version but cant find 🙁

  58. Vaughan

    I used this for a little while until I found a solution, then didn’t need it.

    If you set Firefox’s cache limit to 0 Firefox will run so much better. Haven’t needed to use this program since! Sorry! 🙂

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      No, don’t be sorry. It is good you found a solution.

  59. anjira95

    I have used the software and from the Windows Task Manager, if I observe a decrease in RAM usage, but third party applications like hackerprocess I see the typical value of using Firefox RAM for daily use, (400-500 MB ). That sweats, because this difference.

  60. vakul

    I love Firemin. Using it for more than a year now.

    Lately, Firefox gives a “Warning: Unresponsive script” prompt that says “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.” Only option for me is to restart the machine. Windows 7, 64-bit, 8GB RAM.

    Please try to look into this issue if it needs addressing.

    It’s well worth the donation I made. Keep developing new stuff.

  61. Alistair Connor

    Broken link : “Firemin 4 (Build 4615)” links to “Complete Internet Repair” instead. I had to download the portable version instead (no loss!)

  62. Ed

    I installed the .exe version of *4615 on an Asus K54C laptop running Windows 7 64 with 4 Gigs of RAM today after making a system restore point. Firemin is working fine so far. Firefox memory usage has dropped from about 1 to 1.6 Gigs to about 20 Megs or less. Youtube audio seems fine as I haven’t noticed any popping yet with the default settings. All pages are loading much faster. By default Firemin is set to work with Thunderbird and when I open it with Firemin running, the mail loads instantly for me. Windows memory management has never worked on this laptop, right anyway. Firemin does work. The difference is like night and day. It also places an icon in the system tray where if you run into problems, you can exit easily. Good job and thank you.

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      Im glad its working for you. Let me know if you have any suggestions or when you find something not working as expected. 🙂

  63. Klaus

    Running the portable Firemin 4615 on Win XP SP3: Error executing program. Thanks a lot:(

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      Could you please give me the exact error you see when executing the Firemin executable.

      1. Jamie

        I am getting a false positive on build 4615 with Zemana Antilogger. Not sure which other programs think it’s a virus.

  64. Edvards

    Finally a solution that works! Firemin works like a charm! I mean, I have been fighting with enormous memory consumption by Firefox for years and with no real effect! Until now – I found your little tool and it makes such a huge difference! It reduces memory consumption instantly, I can clearly feel this effect on my system (Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit).
    Thank you very much developers!!!

  65. John

    Rizone, sent an email already regarding this issue but wanted to place it on the board as well. In summary there does seem to be an issue regarding audio when using firemin. When streaming media the audio is crackling/popping. I’ve used multiple mozilla browsers, safe modes, extension/add-on troubleshooting, cache clearing, but to no avail. I’d like to suggest providing a more dynamic range of boost intervals and memory reduction limits considering the users able to allocate more memory to it. Allowing a less frequent API call and allowing more memory to the browser would help in eliminating the sound problems. Not sure if this is a bug within the gecko engine, plugin-container, or maybe flash itself, but as the recent comment states, when firemin is closed the audio is flawless across any moz based browser. Thanks again. Hope this helps and look forward to any progress. Mozilla is great, but this tool makes it 100 times better.

  66. krystian3

    You are ,ale a plan update notifcation / system auto-update in app?

  67. Leandro

    Hola, tiene un problema firemin. El problema consiste en que al momento de ver un video de youtube la voz de los videos se entre corta! Use muchos meses firemin pero actualmente tiene esa falla ya lo comprobé 3 veces haciendo uso normal de Firefox Mozilla sin firemin funciona perfecto Podrian arreglar porque antes funcionaba perfecto!!!!!

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      Please type your comments in English. So, you having issues with watching YouTupe Videos while using Firemin. The voice sound is being cut off. Without Firemin it works perfectly.

      I will look into this for you and have a solution soon.

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      It created Mozbase Optimizer for that. Will update Mozbase soon.

  68. Devin Null

    Any plans on making a native x64 version of this app, yes I know x32 runs in x64.

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      Good idea. Will take a look at releasing a x64 version with the next release.

  69. Jamie

    The new build is amazing with the new extended processes! The plugin-container.exe has been the biggest headache with it’s insane memory usage. I have installed scripts to limit flash, etc.. but this destroys any script I have used in the past!

    Well worth a donation and hope others follow along and do the same!

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      Thank you for the comment. Let me know if you have any suggestions. And thank you for the donation. The best reward though is you using and liking Firemin. 🙂

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      5 out of 55 does not a virus make. Anyway, will start reporting this false positive to the respective anti-virus companies.

  70. maxim400

    Hello again, I tried to make waterfox to firefox, copy all files and rename waterfox and it works fine. Waterfox needs up to 3GB and now about 4MB. I can´t believe!


    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      If you downloaded Firemin (Build 3977) Beta. Start Firemin, right-click on the Firemin icon in the tray. Select Profiles.. and then select Waterfox. 🙂

  71. maxim400

    Is it possible to use Firemin with waterfox, and when, how?
    I tried to change the ini file, but Ithe the programm itselfe changes it back.

  72. Stefan

    Tried Firemin 2086 today. But it looks that it does not decreas private bytes. only the working set is getting lower. See my screenshot:

    FF is still using 1 GB + after a few minutes of usage…

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      Firemin only need to decreas the working set. See explanation below:

      Private Bytes refer to the amount of memory that the process executable has asked for – not necessarily the amount it is actually using. They are “private” because they (usually) exclude memory-mapped files (i.e. shared DLLs). But – here’s the catch – they don’t necessarily exclude memory allocated by those files. There is no way to tell whether a change in private bytes was due to the executable itself, or due to a linked library. Private bytes are also not exclusively physical memory; they can be paged to disk or in the standby page list (i.e. no longer in use, but not paged yet either).

      Working Set refers to the total physical memory (RAM) used by the process. However, unlike private bytes, this also includes memory-mapped files and various other resources, so it’s an even less accurate measurement than the private bytes. This is the same value that gets reported in Task Manager’s “Mem Usage” and has been the source of endless amounts of confusion in recent years. Memory in the Working Set is “physical” in the sense that it can be addressed without a page fault; however, the standby page list is also still physically in memory but not reported in the Working Set, and this is why you might see the “Mem Usage” suddenly drop when you minimize an application.

  73. Thomas

    Doesn’t work

    When trying to launch firefox, it always uses “C:\program files (x86)\…” even though I set a different location.

    When trying to optimize, it hangs at “initializing”, probably as it doesn’t find Firefox’ profile directory (which I have moved out of the %appdata% folder).

  74. Aphotic

    is FireMin still working as intended with the latest versions of FF ?

  75. Neil Parks

    There are a few problems with finagling Firemin with Pale Moon (and possibly some of the others but I don’t have any of those). In particular, the palemoon.ini file (alone of all the listed browsers) contains two copies of the configuration. And I had to edit the last two lines of firemin.ini so that it would find Pale Moon:

    Path=C:\Program Files (x86)\Pale Moon\palemoon.exe

    1. Dan Walker

      I need to edit it for palemoon but once edited it wont save… any ideas?

      1. Neil Parks

        @Dan Walker: Make sure that Firemin is not in memory before you edit the files. Use Windows Task Manager (ctl-shift-esc) to verify that Firemin is not running.

  76. brian glover

    hello installed both firemin and memory booster as getting lags and occasional freezes on firefox which I use heavily. Configured firemin to start with firefox & 400 setting. Found both firefox and cyberfox startup and web page loading faster and more responsive & more stable experience even with lot of tabs open. Well pleased Thanks

  77. BENETTI robert

    J’ai installé la version buid 2086 puis ensuite la version beta 3997 ?
    J”ai maintenant 2 icônes dans la barre des taches ?
    Comment désinstaller la première version ?
    Ou s’installe Firemin ?

  78. Vinayak Gadkari

    Excellent, the reduction in memory usage is simply amazing! Being a heavy Firefox user, your tool is a blessing for me. Thanks!!!

  79. David Park

    Hope you finish up the new version of Firemin. like to see a 64bit version and have it work with 64bit version of Fire Fox. Thnaks

  80. Aaron

    Wow… this is unbelievable!
    I went from 600K-800K to less than 10K.

    Thank you!!

    Any chance you have something like this for Google Chrome?

    1. Jamie

      It opens, it just goes to your system tray. Click the up arrow by your clock to find it. You will see the firemin icon that you can right click and configure.

  81. AnchorGeek

    good program also works with other browsers , I recommend having a link to download cnet or softonic but that does not matter because I got the link on those pages

    1. AnchorGeek

      Well not work in all browsers xD , who had not only tried the previous version foxboost

  82. Dwight Shopfeil

    Download limit of 1000 reached. Message of “Download limit exceeded! ” is displayed

  83. David

    Desculpe, em vez de baixar o Firemin esta baixando o Complete Internet Repair, porfavor poderia arrumar o link.

    1. rossco

      why do i get pixrepair when downloading firemin ?? is it the same thing ?? if so why is it not called firemin

      1. Rizonesoft Post author

        There is a bug in our download system. Please try and clear your Browser session data (cookies/history) and attempt the download again.

  84. jwrnz

    cant download anything, there’s just an excruciating minute long bar that gets to 100% before proceeding to not do anything at all (chrome 44.0.2403.130 64-bit) so now looking elsewhere for rizonesoft software

  85. Sofyan

    Everytime i try to download firemin or memory booster or else it’s always download the same file dvd repair. may u update the link please. thx a lot

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      Sorry for the inconvenience! We implemented a new download system, so some issues can be expected. Everything looks fine on our side and this makes it difficult to troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing. We started a WhatsApp group as a new support option. This will allow us to troubleshoot issues in real time. I suggest you join the group if you experience any further issues. To join, please go to:

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      Sorry for the inconvenience! We implemented a new download system, so some issues can be expected. Everything looks fine on our side and this makes it difficult to troubleshoot the issue you are experiencing. We started a WhatsApp group as a new support option. This will allow us to troubleshoot issues in real time. I suggest you join the group if you experience any further issues. To join, please go to: