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1171446 Downloads Served

Below are a list of all the projects actively being developed by us. If you do not see your favorite Rizonesoft program in the list, do not panic, we will do our best to have it here soon.

Complete Internet Repair 5 –
Complete Internet Repair IconComplete Internet Repair is a Power Tool to repair internet connections and get you up and running in no time. It can reset TCP/IP, repair Winsock, renew connections, flush DNS, flush ARP cache, repair Internet Explorer, clear update history, repair Windows update, repair HTTPS and reset proxy, and Firewall settings. Read more
DVD Drive Repair 2 – 87956 downloads
DVD Drive Repair 2 IconDVD Drive Repair allows you to restore your DVD (Optical) Drive if missing from Windows. In some instances, it can also help when certain applications do not recognize your drive because of hardware problems or a virus attacks that prevents your computer from using the DVD Drive. Read more
Firemin 6 –
FireminHaving Firefox memory issues? Is it using over 1GB of your precious computer memory? Download Firemin and control the amount of memory Firefox uses. if it works for you, use it and if it does not, don’t use it. It is as simple as that! Read more
Notepad3 – 4.18.512.992
Notepad3Notepad3 is a fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting. It has a small memory footprint, but is powerful enough to handle most programming jobs. Read more
Windows 10 Update Switch –
Switch10 IconWindows 10 Update Switch disables and stops the Windows Update service and in doing so, disables Windows 10 Updates. Switch10 can also enable Windows 10 updates again quickly when you need it. Read more

Discontinued Projects

Winsock Repair –
Winsock Repair IconThe Winsock Repair program is a small tool that can help you to reset or repair the Windows sockets configuration to defaults or clean state. Most of the Internet connectivity problems arise out of corrupt Winsock settings. All Winsock Repair features was built into Complete Internet Repair and we essentially discontinued Winsock Repair. Read more

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