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By | December 17, 2017

It is not uncommon for a SEO professionals to find themselves on the chopping block. Your performance can be reviewed with the click of a button. Nothing you say or do can recover your reputation. Dicey as the lives of a SEO professional is, there are a few pitfalls you must be aware of. To avoid getting fired; in the article we discuss these pitfalls.

SEO Professional

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Bad Reporting

Reporting is the last step after you’ve completed a SEO project. Even though this is the most important step in the SEO process, SEO professionals sometimes skip or neglect this step.

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A SEO report represents your skills as a SEO professional. If a client receives no or incomplete reports; what does that say about you? In result, the client will feel swindled and you can forget about payment for your services.

Your SEO reports should include conversion rates, goals, KPIs and other useful metrics. Because this will help the client understand the ins and outs of a SEO campaign. Include links from your link building campaign and record all your efforts.

Painting the Wrong Picture

One of the main reasons why clients mistrust a SEO professional is unrealistic expectation about what SEO can do for them. Independent SEO professionals and agencies regularly paint the wrong picture about what SEO can do.

SEO Expectations

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When results fall short of expectations, you are viewed in a bad light and could even find yourselve on the unemployment bench. Therefore, it is a better idea to paint a realistic picture about what SEO can do for your client from the beginning.

However, it is understandable why a SEO professional will overpromise the benefits of SEO to their clients. Because SEO is an intensely competitive industry, discussing the pitfalls of SEO with your clients can save you much embarrassment later. Therefore, let your clients know that SEO can have little or no effect on their conversion rates.

The head of a leading SEO agency in Mumbai recommends that you should only agree to a SEO project only if you and the client can agree to the unpredictability of SEO results, and only if realistic goals can be agreed to.

Negative Ranking

When your SEO campaign end, a client should not likely experience negative ranking. However, the client can’t be blamed for firing their SEO professional after experiencing a negative ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

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There are a few reasons why your SEO efforts result in negative ranking and they are: Migrating, or moving a website to a new platform without implementing a proper migration strategy. Changing performing page Meta information or changing page categories or permalinks already receiving a lot of organic traffic.

Therefore, a systematic approach to SEO can easily prevent all these mistakes and a website’s ranking from dropping. Furthermore, it is your responsibility as a SEO professional to do everything in your power to combat negative ranking for a client.


SEO is the definition of a result-orientated business. Therefor; no matter how much work you put in, a website’s revenue can still be less than expected. The SEO professional will always be blamed.

However, if you do not take shortcuts, make sure that you implement industry best-practices and work diligently towards a definite goal you reap the benefits.

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