Simpler Syntax Highlighter

Quickly implement code snippet syntax highlighting for your WordPress website. Simpler Syntax Highlighter was designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind. Meaning that it will not slow down your website and is easy to use.


  • Extremely fast and lightweight.
  • No server dependency.
  • No complicated options.
  • Multiple languages support (see list below).
  • Preserves pre tag attributes in MCE.
  • Wide browser support.

Supported Languages

Simpler Syntax Highlighter support a wide range of programming languages, including; Bash (bash), C++ (cpp, c, c++), C# (c#, c-sharp, csharp), CSS (css), Delphi (delphi, pascal), Groovy, Java (java), Java Script (js, jscript, javascript), PHP (php), Python (py, python), Ruby (rb, ruby, rails, ror), Scala (scala), Sql (sql), VB (vb,, and XML/HTML (xml, html, xhtml, xslt).

Usage Instructions

Place your code on the page and surround it with <pre> tag. Set name attribute to code and class attribute to one of the language aliases you wish to use. For example, the following:

Before SSH After SSH
<pre name=”code” class=”html”>
<!DOCTYPE html>
<!DOCTYPE html>

NOTE: One important thing to watch out for is opening triangular bracket <. It must be replaced with an HTML equivalent of &lt; in all cases. Failure to do won’t break the page, but might break the source code displayed.

Language Aliases Table


Language Alias (class)
Bash bash
C++ cpp, c, c++
C# c#, c-sharp, csharp
CSS css
Delphi delphi, pascal
Groovy groovy
Java java
Java Script js, jscript, javascript
PHP php
Python py, python
Ruby rb, ruby, rails, ror
Scala scala
Sql sql
Visual Basic vb,
XML/HTML xml, html, xhtml, xslt