Disable WordPress Registration Page

There are many situations where you would like to enable user registrations, but disable the default WordPress registration page. Particularly when using a membership or registration plugin that allows registration in the front end of your website. The “Disable WordPress Registration Page” WordPress plugin does exactly this. It disables the default WordPress registration page without disabling user registration.

Why disable the WordPress registration page

Unknown to many; the default WordPress registration page stays active even after installing and configuring some front-end registration plugins.

SPAM bots can still create fake accounts on your website. Not the captchas nor the honeypots on your front-end registration form can stop these SPAM registrations. The only way to stop them is to disable the back-end or default WordPress registration page.

Disable WordPress Registration Page plugin

The “Disable WordPress Registration Page” plugin

The “Disable WordPress Registration Page” is a simple plugin that closes a dangerous backdoor used by SPAM bots to create fake accounts. It does this by disabling the default WordPress registration page, but still allow user registration. This is ideal for WordPress websites with a front-end registration system. Below are some of the main featured:

  • Stop SPAM bot registrations.
  • Disable the default registration page without disabling user registration.
  • Extremely easy to use. Just activate! No complicated options.
  • Plays well with all front-end registration plugins.
  • Will not slow down your website. No extra JavaScript or CSS loaded.

Download and install “Disable WordPress Registration Page”

The easiest way to install “Disable WordPress Registration Page“, in your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins and then Add New. Search for “Disable Registration Page” and clink on the Install Now button and then Activate. That’s it; as previously mentioned, there is no complicated options to configure, once activated the registration page will not be available any more.

Alternatively; you can navigate to the official “Disable WordPress Registration Page” WordPress repository to download it. Again; go to Plugins and then Add New in your WordPress dashboard, but now, at the top, click on Upload Plugin, Browse to select the zip file you downloaded and finally install and activate it.