Business users to pay Windows 10 Monthly Subscription Fee

By | December 17, 2017

Microsoft seems determined, ignoring complaints and lawsuits in attempt to get as many people as possible to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade. Now we can see; there is a reason why Microsoft was so anxious to get people upgraded. Microsoft want enterprise users to pay a Windows 10 monthly subscription fee.

Microsoft confirmed that business that enterprise users will pay a Windows 10 monthly subscription fee, turning Windows 10 into a service. Windows as a service is becoming a reality, but it seems that it will only effect enterprise users for now.

Windows 10 Monthly Subscription Fee

Windows 10 Monthly Subscription Fee

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This fall, Microsoft will offer Windows 10 Enterprise E3, a new business-oriented tier of Windows 10 that does not have a permanent license cost to enterprise users. Instead of “buying” a copy of Windows 10 Professional and use indefinitely, a company pays $7 per month for each seat (user). Think of it a rental agreement between Microsoft and businesses.

This makes three Microsoft services business can pay for monthly; Office 365, Azure, and now Windows 10. Microsoft assures us that the Windows 10 Monthly Subscription Fees for businesses will not affect pricing plans for consumers at the moment. It is that “at the moment part” that sends a cold shiver down my spine.

All new Mistakes

The free upgrade offer will end July 29th, and many users have welcomed the free upgrade with open arms. This also happen to be the release date of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. A year after the free Windows 10 upgrade offer started.

Windows 8 was a dud, when Microsoft forced a touch-centric interface on all users, even Desktop users. With Windows 10, it seems that Microsoft is attempting to remedy their mistake, but they are making a bunch of new ones.

Windows 10 Monthly Subscription Fee Beneficial for businesses

When the free upgrade offer comes to an end, Windows 10 Home will cost $119, Professional, $199 and an upgrade from Home to Professional, $99. If a business pays the Windows 10 monthly subscription fee of $7 per month it would be 28 months before the cost exceeded that of a standard license.

For businesses with a varying number of employees, the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 service could be beneficial. This way a business can ensure that they do not pay for Windows 10 licenses not being used.

Will my PC start asking for a monthly fee to keep working

Be rest assured though, Microsoft is adamant that getting the free Windows 10 upgrade or buying a device with Windows 10 pre-installed will grant access to the Operating System for the entire life of the device. Your PC will not suddenly ask for a monthly fee to keep working. However, Microsoft could start encouraging users to upgrade to a monthly plan. We will need to wait and see what Microsoft’s plan is with us mortals.

Converting a small percentage of Windows 10 users to a monthly price plan could be hugely beneficial for Microsoft. Companies like Adobe paved the way for Microsoft to follow. However, because most new PCs comes with Windows pre-installed, users will not be expecting a monthly fee.

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    We will have moved to Linux in the next two years. Servers first. We’ve had enough and most of our apps operate in the cloud making it a natural transition. Once we have all the stumbling blocks out of the way we’ll be on our way to saving both money and especially grief, not to mention a much quieter network. BTW, thanks for your very useful software, I’ve been using some of it for quite some time.