Turn on Windows 10 metered connection

By | December 17, 2017

With Windows 10 updates are mandatory and will always run in the background. This can be tough on your data usage. With exploits being discovered every day; keeping Windows up to date is a good idea, but if you have a limited internet connection or you are tathering from your phone there must be a solution for controlling updates. Fortunately there is; enter “Metered connection”.

Turn on Metered connection

Windows 10 comes with a feature that allows you to tell it that your internet connection is throttled, capped or handicapped in a way. When you set a connection as metered, Windows will respectfully not force updates. It will delay downloading and installing updates. To turn on “Metered Connection”:

Connect to the network you would like to enable metered connection on. Go to Search next to the Start Button and (1) search for Change Wi-Fi settings. Click on Change Wi-Fi settings to open the Network & Internet settings window.

Change Wi-Fi settings Search

On the Network & Internet settings window, (2) select Wi-Fi in the list of connection types and then (3) click Advanced Options to show advanced Wi-Fi options.

Network and Internet Settings Wi-Fi Advanced Options

Finally, (4) enable the toggle under Metered connection.

Windows 10 Metered connction setting

You are only allowed to turn on “Metered connection” for Wi-Fi. Personally I do not understand this restriction. Surely capped accounts do not only occur on Wi-Fi connections.

Disable updates using the Microsoft Troubleshooter

Microsoft offers a utility to disable certain Windows 10 updates. This utility’s purpose is to prevent installation of drivers or updated that could cause problems with your Windows 10 system. This is a common problem and happens more often than you would like.

To start, download the Microsoft Windows Updates Troubleshooter here. Because it is a troubleshooter, you will need to open it with the Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard. To do this, simply select Run in Internet Explorer or Open with in Firefox when downloading the file.

Open Windows Update Troubleshooter

On the Windows Updates Troubleshooter window, click Next to start scanning your system for available updates.

Windows Update Troubleshooter

After the scan you will be presented with two options. One to Hide updates and another to Show hidden updates. We will be discussing the first option.

Show or Hide Windows Updates

Select Hide updates to view a list of available updates. Select the updates you would like to hide, click Next and Windows will not install any updates you selected.

Troubleshooter available Updates

If you would like to enable updates, run the troubleshooter again and choose Show hidden updates.

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2 thoughts on “Turn on Windows 10 metered connection

  1. fryque

    How silly is this? I do not have a Wi-Fi connection. Why would you assume that I do?

  2. Michael Day


    Thank for developing and distributing Windows 10 Update Switch. And thank you for sharing this information about the Microsoft Troubleshooter.

    Ever since and including Windows XP, software written for Point of Sale Systems, the 911 system, Public Safety Two Way Radio Dispatch, Radio and TV Broadcast, and ATMs (just to name a few) require Windows updates to be turned off in order to stay operational.

    Also, having the ability to select a metered connection is a REQUIREMENT for ALL internet users who live in rural America, in order to not waste valuable resources.

    Michael Day