Tips and Tricks to Secure your Wireless Network

By | December 17, 2017

There are many broadband or wireless users who does not secure their wireless network because they don’t know how to do it, or they think it is  not important.

There are many reasons you should have a secured wireless network and if your wireless network is not secured then after reading this you will want to secure it without a doubt.

Why You Should Secure your Wireless Network

Now; firstly why you should secure your wireless network and then the how. An unsecured or open wireless network can be accessed by anyone in range, and they can use your network to perform illegal activities or steel your personal information. This is called Piggybacking. This could lead to legal implications or the infiltrators can run up your data bill.

How To Secure Your Wireless Network

1) Change the default Router Password

All new routers are loaded with a default password. This password is freely available on the internet and extremely easy to remember. Normally the username is admin and the password is admin. To show you how easy it is to find the default password for a router; simply go to and do a search for your router.

Wireless Network Router

Wireless Network Router

Furthermore, if a person can connect to your physical network, using your router’s default password, they can log on to your router and view your wireless password. If your router still uses its default password, change it immediately! A secure wireless network starts here. Consult your router’s documentation if you are not sure how to change its default password.

2) Change the default Wireless Network Password

Some routers do not have a default wireless password. This is extremely dangerous because anybody can log on to your wireless router and browse your network.

  • Log on to your router by entering its IP address. Usually, default IP address of a router is and enter username, password to log in. (Find default router IP address, username and password from router’s back, in its documentation or go to and search for your router using the manufacturer’s name).
  • Go to Wireless section and find security options.
  • Choose one of the security modes (WPA2PSK is safest)
  • Enter desired password and keep it in a safe place.

Once you changed your wireless network password, you will need to reconnect all your devices using the new password. Changing your wireless password from time to time will make your wireless network even more secure.

3) Mac Address Filtering

Mac address filtering is useful when using conventional devices like your phone, tablet, laptop or computers. The Mac address filter setting can normally be found in Wireless settings on your router. You can choose to allow certain Mac addresses and add your devices’ Mac address. After you save the settings, only allowed devices can connect to your wireless network.

Apart from this you can find and kick other users from your Wi-Fi as well. This tip is especially useful when it is a public wireless networks.


In conclusion, these are rock solid methods to secure your wireless network at work or home. However, always remember that a skilled hacker can find a way to break into your network, so keep an eye on it and always keep on improving your network security.

If you have any tips for securing a network, leave a comment and I will include it into this article.


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  1. Abhishek

    Thanks for helping. Worked for me. Now no one can connect without a password to my router.