Next Generation Spacesuit from SpaceX and NASA Inspired by Hollywood

By | December 17, 2017

In this article we will be discussing the next generation spacesuit from SpaceX and NASA. It looks like they are drawing their inspiration from Hollywood’s costume designers.

Elon Musk’s private space company, SpaceX is a true innovator and seems to be the talk of the town at the moment. SpaceX successfully landed the Falcon 9, a reusable rocket, on a drone-ship at sea. The same month they announced the plan to send a Dragon capsule to Mars by 2018.

And if that was not cool enough, they hired a superhero movie costume designer, Jose Fernandez to design spacesuits for them.

Fernandez’s company, Ironhead Studio worked on pretty awesome costumes for movies like; Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Thor and Tron.

Take a look below at some of Ironhead Studio’s incredible Movie Costumes. This will give you some idea what spacesuits in the future will look like.

The next generation Spacesuit

Previous space suits have been designed purely for function, because of the extreme environments they will be used in. Now that Fernandez is involved with space suite design, I think that we will see some awesome suits being developed at SpaceX.

Fernandez will still have to concentrate on functionality, but with his outstanding visual design skills, he will most definitely make things a lot more interesting at SpaceX.

Fernandez will need combine his artistic vision with the engineering requirement to create a safe, effective spacesuit. After all, the astronauts are not actors and Mars is not a movie set. I can’t wait to see what Fernandez comes up with now that Hollywood arrived at SpaceX.

NASA’s Z-1 Spacesuit

NASA Z-1 Spacesuit Prototype

Z-1 is just a prototype that NASA will be building on with Z-2 and Z-3 revisions | Image from Wikipedia

NASA are also working on new spacesuit designs. NASA finished work on a new spacesuit, the Z-1. Astronauts wearing the Z-1 could look a little like Buzz Lightyear, but who cares as long as it can do the job.

Radiation protection will make the Z-1 suitable for longer spacewalks and Bearings in the suit’s joints will give astronauts the flexibility to hop over lunar or Martian soil more gracefully than the astronauts of old.

The video below will give you more information on future spacesuit design compared to the clunky look of yesteryear.

Although, the new Z-1 spacesuit was named one of Time’s best innovations of the year, the Z-1 is actually a prototype that NASA will be building on with Z-2 and Z-3 revisions. The Z-3 should be space worthy by 2017.



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