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Rizonesoft is a open source software company based in George, South Africa. My name is Derick Payne and I mainly handle the programming, website maintenance and support. I created the company with the idea to create useful free software and give something back to the open source community where I get my inspiration from. I am a coder by trade and by passion.

I can’t believe how far we’ve come the last 10 years. I learned so much and made many new friends. I’m looking forward to the following years. Thank you to everyone that made Rizonesoft what it is today. Furthermore, You are the reason I got this far and the reason I will go further. You are an amazing bunch of people and I am honored to have your support. Thank you for using my humble creations and always finding the time to leave a kind word. But most of all; thank you for visiting Rizonesoft.com and coming back time and again. You are awesome!

The Road leading to Rizonesoft

Rizonesoft Pavement


After matriculating in 1997; In 1998 I completed the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), Microsoft Sales Specialist and A+ Computer Technician courses. From there I started my first job as a computer technician and at night taught the Office Computing course at Damelin. During this period I picked up a Visual Basic 6.0 book and immediately fell in love with programming. I carried on with studying Visual Basic .NET, C# and C++ while working as a computer repair technician.


In 2008 and 2009 I decided to try out a new scripting language called AutoIt. Because of my Visual Basic background something just clicked and it became my preferred programming language. After creating a few small programs, I decided to publish them. And as a result started a freeware company called Rizonetech.


Rizonetech became Rizonesoft and from 2010 onward I did not give it mush attention, mostly because I saw it as nothing more than a hobby. I started many projects and many failed; I made countless domain and hosting changes. Mistakes that left many users frustrated, but somehow through it all, I always seemed to have a loyal following.

Me and Daleen writing her first Rizonesoft program.

Me and my little angel (Daleen) writing her first Rizonesoft program. (2012)


In 2012 I went into a partnership and established Datum. As a result, Rizonesoft merged with Datum and I changed the domain to Datumza.com. Not only did the partnership only last a few months, but also, I put everything into Datum and abandoned Rizonesoft. I resurrected Rizonesoft, but the damage was done. With a significant drop in ranking and traffic, I lost interest in developing software for a while.


Late 2014 my mother passed away and my foundation was ripped away. I was faced with the most difficult decision of my life; Put everything I had back into Rizonesoft or quit the online scene for good? I decided to put everything I had (time and resource) into Rizonesoft. Giving up is not an option and I actively started working on taking the company to new heights. I aim to make Rizonesoft a known name in the software community and never give up on my dream.

Rizonesoft Transparent Business Card


Our lifetime mission: to explore strange new technologies, to seek perfection and create unique useful software tools, to boldly go where no software company has gone before.

I promise to never give up, or attempt to sell my software again. I will provide support for my software to the best of my ability and treat all Rizonesoft users with the respect they deserve. And use all the skills I possess to create the best software I can.


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5 thoughts on “Who is Rizonesoft

  1. David Bailey

    After uninstalling Avast Premier I lose my ethernet connection.

    The people at Avast could not help me with this issue.

    If you could research it & add a fix to your Complete Internet Repair it would help a lot of people.

    So far I have not uninstalled Avast & tried to use your program to try to fix the loss of my internet connection.

    I’ve worked on this problem until I’m sick of it.

    The only way to get my connection back, so far,  is to restore 8.1 Pro with a Macrium Reflect system image to before I uninstalled Avast.

    A fix would be nice.
    I could find no other way to contact you people.
    Your “Contact Us” page does not work.

  2. Fahad Hariry

    Thank you very much for the software you gave us, I know how busy you are, so I really appreciated the time you spent to create software.