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By | December 17, 2017

Rizonesoft was created to give something back to the software community. We give everything away for free and this means we depend on our community (you) to make a contribution. Without your support we will never be able to reach our dreams. The easiest way for you to contribute to Rizonesoft is to make a small donation, but there are other ways to contribute that is considered worth so much more.

When you contribute towards Rizonesoft.com more people will get involved with the development process and this means better software for free. You will enable us to provide better support and keep everyone happy or at least we will do our best to accomplish this.


Connect to our Facebook page

You can give back to Rizonesoft by visiting Official Rizonesoft Facebook page and hitting the like button. Your contribution should not stop there though. After liking our page, click on the Invite friends to like this page link to the left under the profile picture and invite all your friends. Ask your friends to invite there friends and so on.

Invite Your Friends to like the Rizonesoft page

Invite Your Friends to like the Rizonesoft page

My Personal Profile

I would like to get more involved with the Rizonesoft community and consider all of you my friends. I would love to hear your suggestions and complaints. For this reason, I would love to become friends with you on Facebook. Please visit my profile on Facebook, send me a friend request and let’s get to know each other.


We’ve had some rough times here at Rizonesoft, but your continued support has pulled us through. Thank you for your continued support. We will continue to give you and the software community our best.

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