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By | December 17, 2017

Things did not work out like I planned. The time-table in this post is not accurate and I will create a new, updated Roadmap soon.

Things have moved a little slower here at Rizonesoft, mainly because of my day job keeping me busy from Mondays to Fridays. However, I will do my best to give Rizonesoft the attention it deserves. Sometimes, life just gets in the way, but I know this is not an excuse. From now on I will spend a few hours each day catching up. I have about 100 new and incomplete projects I would like to finish. About the same amount of new posts and a few new features ready for implementation here at Rzionesoft.com.

To start, We are giving Rizonesoft.com a new look. This will include; a new premium WordPress template with some customizations, CDN and caching improvements for more speed and an all new download system. After this I will start working on Windows 10 support and installable versions for all our current projects. The Doors project changed to Alien Hive. The new Alien Hive Framework will also need to be implemented into all current and future projects.

Overhauling Rizonesoft.com

Firemin is changing back to the previous model, where we created special builds for each application. This should be good news for most of you. The comments about the new Firemin has mostly been negative. Below is a rough time table, mostly for my use, but also for you to know what to expect from Rizonesoft in the next few years. I will update the Rizonesoft Roadmap accordingly.

  • We should be finished with the new look and updating all current posts and pages by October 29th 2015. This will include implementing Windows 10 support and updating all current projects with new and improved features. The new download system should also be finished and tested by then. During the month of October, we will implementing SSL (https://) support. This will be tested for about an year after which the the none-SSL version of Rizonesoft.com (https://www.rizonesoft.com) will be discontinued and all traffic redirected to https://www.rizonesoft.comThis will happen October 29th 2016.
  • November 29th 2015, Firemin with most of its special builds will be released.
  • January the 29th 2016, we should be finished with all the partially completed projects.
  • March the 29th 2016, Alien Hive should be out of its prototype stage, so this will be the official release date.
  • In the month of April 2016 we will start working on Rizonesoft Office. It will come bundled with a Word Processor (Word), Spreadsheet (Excel) and a Text To Speech program called Voice. If finances and time allows we should be finished by the 29th of March 2017.
  • The year after that we will be taking Rizonesoft to new hights and will be working on CRM, Point-Of-Sale and Accounting programs. Basically creating free business applications for all. We figure there is a serious gap in the market for quality free business applications. Most of our business projects should be completed by the 29th of March 2018.

You will also start seeing many tutorial posts on several topics, but mostly Windows tips, tricks and repairs. As promised, we will never make the same mistakes we made in the past; therefore we are not taking on any other online projects and the Rizonesoft.com domain will never change. All our efforts will be concentrated on creating quality software.

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