What is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics is pertaining to evidence found on computers, phones and all forms of storage media. The aim is to identify, analyse, recover, collect and present digital information for use in criminal and civil cases with the main purpose of convicting or exonerating an accused. Although computer forensics is mostly used to investigate computer crimes like hacking and… Read More »

FNB eBucks Phishing Scam Alert

I received a FNB eBucks Phishing Scam Alert a while back and figured it would be a good idea to warn as many people possible. It seems like scammers are getting more resourceful these days. The banks are doing their best to beef up their security, but they will never be able to close the number one security… Read More »

Mobile Carriers – Race towards 5G

In order to feed the insatiable need of people today to have access to videos and movies online, many of the world’s largest carriers, like AT&T, NTT DoCoMo of Japan and AirG of Canada, are all part of a race to get their hands on the latest 5G technology. The main aim is to trump their competitors with… Read More »

KingSpec P2U38-2T 2TB PCIe SSD!

KingSpec recently introduced an amazing product to the market, namely the KingSpec P2U38-2T. This is a 2TB PCIe Solid State Drive with a surprisingly shocking transfer rate of up to around 4GB a second. About KingSpec KingSpec is not a very large enterprise and certainly not as well known as their competitors such as Samsung, Micron, OCZ and… Read More »

New Rizonesoft Questions Support Tool [Discontinued!]

We created a new support option on Rizonesoft called Rizonesoft Questions. You can use it to ask questions and find answers about our Software and/or technical related topics. For example; also find solutions for your Programming, Windows, Hardware, and third-party software problems. Community driven solutions Rizonesoft Questions is community driven; this means that any member of our community… Read More »