Increase Alexa Rank Fast

If you are reading this post, I take it that you have heard about Alexa ranking. 2 or more question popped into your head. These questions most likely include; is Alexa rank important and how do I increase my website’s Alexa Rank fast. You probably Googled trying to find the answers, but was overwhelmed with the differences in… Read More »

Stop the War!

Stop the war! This is my message to all readers, no; my message to the world. War kills and destroys lives. At the end nobody wins. Even the self-proclaimed winners had to sacrifice everything for a false victory. There is a silent war that nobody sees; this war has been around for ages and has no winners… Read More »

Microsoft Windows Complete History

Microsoft Windows has been in development for over 30 years. Every release with more enhancements and features than its predecessor. There has been some winning releases and also some duds, but it is not difficult to see why Windows is the most popular computer operating system on the market to date. We have prepared a breakdown of the… Read More »

Free Email Certificate from Comodo

In a world of email scams, fraud and general mistrust; you need a plan to secure your email system. Email certificates is a good way to build trust between you and your email recipients (clients); But this can be an expensive exercise if you have more than one email address. However, there is a cheaper solution Comodo offers… Read More »