Notepad3 Encryption Feature

With Notepad3 Build 289 we updated the Scintilla component to version 3.6.3. We fixed the missing question marks and Wildcard Search on the Search and Replace dialog. We also added a new encryption feature from RaPeHoff’s build. Enjoy and keep us updated with bugs and suggestions so we can keep on improving Notpad3. The Notepad3 Encryption feature Notepad3… Read More »

Introducing Notepad3

I’ve always loved little Windows enhancements, like improved Notepad replacements. Specially because the default Windows Notepad has not been updated much over the past 20 years. One of these Notepad “enhancements” is Notepad2. Notepad2 is a free open-source lightweight Notepad replacement released in 2004, with features like line numbering and syntax highlighting, it is respected by most advance… Read More »

Rizonesoft needs You

Rizonesoft was created to give something back to the software community. We give everything away for free and this means we depend on our community (you) to make a contribution. Without your support we will never be able to reach our dreams. The easiest way for you to contribute to Rizonesoft is to make a small donation, but… Read More »

Cookies Complience

A business based in the UK you are legally required to tell visitors that your website uses cookies or other tracking technologies. is not based in the UK, but we figured it would be a good idea to let our visitors about our use of cookies. When you visit you will see a bar at the… Read More »

Rizonesoft is getting a new look

Things did not work out like I planned. The time-table in this post is not accurate and I will create a new, updated Roadmap soon. Things have moved a little slower here at Rizonesoft, mainly because of my day job keeping me busy from Mondays to Fridays. However, I will do my best to give Rizonesoft the attention… Read More »

Doors Prototype [Discontinued!]

We Discontinued the Doors project. It will be replaced with the Alien Hive project that will have all the Doors features and more. I will not anounce a release date, because that just gets me into trouble. Before you download Doors, please keep in mind that this is a prototype version and is not functional! The reason for… Read More »

Introducing Carbon CD

I would like to introduce a new Rizonesoft release called Carbon CD. With Carbon CD you can; make backup copies of your favorite music or data CDs to your computer, Create perfect 1:1 copies of your CDs, rip audio tracks and create custom CDs or image files. If you are familiar with Clone CD, you should feel right… Read More »

Introducing Mozbase Optimizer

Introducing the new SQLite database optimization program called Mozbase Optimizer, Sure, I could have called it SQLite Database Optimizer, but that just sounds formal. I called it Mozbase Optimizer because it will mainly be used for optimizing Mozilla based programs’ databases. If you have not figured it out from the intro above; It is used to optimize (defrag)… Read More »

Introducing the new Firemin

A new update for Firemin is long overdue and finally it’s here. Although it’s still in the beta stage; it is fully functional and will give you a sneak peek into what to expect from Firemin in the future. One of the most sought after features was compatibility with other browsers. I’m happy to announce that the new… Read More »

Help Survive

It is true that nothing is free. Even though I give everything on away for free (even the source code), I still need to pay Rizonesoft’s bills. Everything costs money these days; from hosting to maintaining the computer I do my programming on. In addition to this; I need to constantly acquire new software to keep Rizonesoft… Read More »