Notepad3 version 4 build 992 released

By | May 14, 2018

We released Notepad3 version 4 build 922 two days ago. To say that this post is overdue, is an understatement. Well, rather late than never. In this release we’ve made many changes and fixed a lot of bugs. Notepad3 is maturing steadily and the support is amazing. Furthermore, the developers, testers and users are amazing people to work with. 🙂

We removed automatic updates, due to a permanent error in the way wyUpdate works. It does not look like it is actively being developed and the only solution is to run it over an insecure http connection. However, currently in development; automatic updates will be replaced with an administration tool that can be installed alongside Notepad3 that will be able to check for updates. Other notable changes include; a method to remove duplicate lines, focused view, dynamic status bar configuration, a menu entry for switching to high DPI tool bar buttons and a doc tail chasing function.

Notepad3 version 4.8.512.992

Notepad3 Roadmap

Because Notepad3 is being developed, tested and maintained by volunteers with limited time, the features below could take months to complete. Therefor, please be patient and we promise to get everything done in good time.

  • Notepad3 administration tool. It will install alongside Notepad3 and is for; advance configuration ([settings2]), theme management, checking for updates and command line tools for advance users.
  • New themes and tool bar buttons sizes.
  • Multilingual support according to Microsoft’s MUI model, where the language resources are maintained in a separate .dll.
  • Adapting the new Scintilla experimental large file (greater than 2GB) support.

Download Notepad3

Download the latest Notepad3 Release here. Please test this release thoroughly and if you created an issue on GitHub, close it.

Changes in Notepad3 version 4.18.511.992 (12 May 2018)

The change log below is an indication about the amount of work that goes into developing Notepad3. Therefor, when replying to a contributor, a simple thank you goes a long way.


  • Menu entries for (hidden) Accelerator Keys.
  • Method to remove duplicate lines.
  • Names under Acknowledgments on About box.
  • Version information for Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 v15.7.(0-1) (191426428).
  • X-CaretPolicy ([Settings2] CurrentLineHorizontalSlop=0).
  • Focused View (hide non occurrences lines).
  • Initial version of Doc tail Chasing.
  • Status Bar dynamic configuration.
  • Added user definable relative status width configuration.
  • Added settings to user defined prefix strings for Status Bar sections.
  • DPI awareness on manual font scaling.
  • Menu entry for switching to HighDPI toolbar.
  • Focus View and Tail function Tool Bar buttons and icons.
  • Last find pattern to file history.
  • Option to remove blank lines (containing blanks/tabs only).
  • Option to skip ANSI Code Page detection (tellenc) (default is ON to preserve historic behavior).
  • Compress White Spaces within rectangular selection.
  • External command line tool using Google’s “Compact Encoding Detection” for encoding analysis.
  • Indication of find and replace state in Find and Replace dialog status bar.


  • Incremental match for search/replace dialog box.
  • Default ini for Notepad3Portable.
  • uthash library updated to current GitHub development.
  • Encoding of Notepad3 sources to UTF-8 (Sig).
  • Prep Scintilla “Position” value type changes for large file support.
  • Re-based internally used code page on UTF-8 (Scintilla multi-byte conversions).
  • Replaced Tellenc by “Compact Encoding Detection” CED.
  • Current Scintilla (404 : 05-May-2018) development.
  • Enable “Toggle View” for main window.
  • Disabling Update Checker menu entry if no executable is configured.
  • Adapted test to new About Box calling.
  • Menu item Help instead of “?” (move File History (Recent File List) to accelerated key, Ctrl+Alt+H).


  • Latest compiler tool chain recognition.
  • Pad with Spaces in Rectangular Selection.
  • Enhanced Handling of default/standard lexer styles.
  • Notepad3.ini redirection to avoid overriding settings by zipped distribution.
  • Consistent rectangular selection restoration after block operations.
  • Enable “Customize Schemes” Preview button only if selected lexer corresponds to opened file.
  • Find and Replace dialog: Enable Ctrl+BS to delete word in search string.
  • File history dependent last search pattern option combined with search history on/off option.
  • Handling of F3 (find next – no Find and Replace dialog).
  • Incremental search: Find and Replace dialog “Mark All Occurrences” active: typing search pattern scrolls to first match.
  • Make Find Next Selected and Find Prev Selected as expected using modern Scintilla API methods (instead of hand made operation).
  • Integer to DocPos type changes.
  • Non Modal Customize Schemes… dialog.
  • Show or hide passphrase in dialog box.
  • Selectable (and copy-able) version info header of About-Box.
  • Status Bar segmentation resizing.
  • Strip First and Last Char within rectangular selection.
  • Strip Trailing Spaces within rectangular selection.
  • Toggle Folds works on selection only too now.
  • Toggle View coop main window vs. Find and Replace dialog.
  • Delayed “mark occurrences” multi-triggering.
  • Performance tuning after profiling std. handling.
  • Delayed execution of time consuming update/redraw operation.
  • Delayed “Spinning Circle” transaction.
  • Added “Extra Line Spacing” style option to ANSI Art (e.g. .nfo files) (predefined -4).
  • Minor speedup on notify changed event.


  • Memory leakage in selection undo/redo stack.
  • Remember initial search start position for incremental search.
  • Some .ini-file handling.
  • Handling of “Mark Occurrences.” and “Focused View” in cooperation with find/replace dialog.
  • Select initial default standard lexer.
  • Missing document modified call.
  • Pad with Spaces in Rectangular Selection (correction for pure virtual space and skip empty lines).
  • Renaming of Update Checker to Administration Tool.
  • Issue regarding selection of default and 2nd default styling.
  • Clear all occurrences marker on no matching search expression.
  • Restore initial selection on search dialog canceling.
  • Broken Hyperlink Hotspot handling.
  • Brace matching for Batch Lexer.
  • Y-CaretPolicy ([Settings2] CurrentLineVerticalSlop=0) default.
  • Show replacement count info-box after UI update (extended selection, replaced pattern).
  • Issue regarding “Auto Complete Word” feature.
  • Slow pasting of multi-line clipboard.
  • Style_SetLexer() should update line number margin width.
  • Minor issues regarding selection anchor/current_caret in Find Next and Previous.
  • Remember last search pattern on new files.
  • Notepad3 window positioning.
  • Initial window position handling (command line option “/pos”).
  • Search Next (F3) handling.
  • Reset scroll width on font (size) changes (automatically adapted).
  • Missing menu shortcut for “Remove Duplicate Lines” (“o”).
  • Remove Duplicate Lines: wrong last line handling in case of no selection.
  • Remove Duplicate Lines: skipping line on progress to next compare when removing previous duplicate.
  • Using process heap allocation instead of global memory allocation method (according to MSDN guidelines).
  • Toggle line comment on empty line.
  • Issue in Strip First/Last Char within rectangular selection.
  • Update Tool Bar, Status Bar and Line Number Margin on Observe NotifyEvent reactivation.
  • Endless loop on “zero length match” at EOF.
  • Reverting file from storage – Preserve view, cancel selection.
  • Minor issue on display indication of find and replace state in Find and Replace dialog status bar.
  • Small issues on Find and Replace dialog with Next and Previous operations.
  • Pad with spaces in case of rectangular selection.
  • Hyperlink Hotspot handling while Toggle Visibility changes view.
  • Issue with Toggle Visibility drawing a selection on clicking into view.
  • Concurrency issue: main window vs. Find and Replace dialog.
  • Folding level issue to hide non-occurrence match lines.
  • Possible Deadlock.
  • Avoid deadlock of occurrence marker task scheduler.
  • Enable find/replace state reset call from outside.
  • Enhanced indicator (redraw needed) of re-apply “Mark All Occurrences”.
  • Compressed View: Re-apply lexer styles on changed marked word.
  • Proper view reset after reverting from compressed view.
  • Minor issues with Compressed View.
  • UTF-16 LE BOM (Unicode) for Notepad3.ini. – Notepad3.ini should have encoding UTF-16 LE BOM (Unicode) not the smaller UTF-8 Sig encoding format.
  • Scroll-to issue in case of incremental search.
  • Bug replacing reverse stream selection.
  • Remove file-system/URL auto-completion from search box.
  • Find and Replace dialog: minor corrections.
  • Occurrences marker counting.
  • Default “Slop” values changed.
  • Undo/Redo handling in case of discarding U/R-Stack.
  • Check “Toggle View” button in case of activation.
  • Restore correct fold margin.
  • Optimized “notify change” observation on clearing file buffer.
  • Consistent “checked” for button and menu.
  • Focused View: disable encoding identifier insertion menu entry.
  • Bug in toggle mechanism of “Toggle All Folds”.
  • Toggle Folds: Exclude fold point (headers) which have no children.
  • Toggle Folds: selection must span at least two lines.
  • Matched Rizonesoft logo background with About dialog background.
  • Replace in selection: Selection enlargement.
  • Version to folding issue on hiding invisible/non-marked lines.
  • Toggle Folds of complete document.
  • Small issue reverting from “Focused View”.
  • Correct WordWrap after reverting from “Focused view”.
  • Small bug preventing Status bar relative width settings smaller than 1/10 of width.
  • Missing last entry of status bar configuration.
  • Bug while reading String to Vector.Switching modes (EOL, OVR, some other), status bar has not been updated accordingly.
  • Deactivate “Focused View”: set Folding Level to default before applying Lexer Style (-> speed-up).
  • RAII (__try/__finally) for target transactions and notify changed observation guards.
  • Status Bar handling and display of “Default text” vs. “2nd Default Text”.
  • Added parameter to force update of Status bar (e.g. theme change).
  • Fractional font settings: add bias of 2%.
  • Minor fixes and default value adjustments.
  • Choose correct font size for deactivated “Hyperlink Hotspot” style.
  • Force initial default position only if no window position is specified.
  • Insert key into rectangular selection.
  • Undo/Redo in case of selection insert/delete.
  • Cleanup obsolete rectangular pasting helpers.
  • Ignore notify change event on pasting rectangular selection.
  • Leave Alt-Key-Down mode if keyboard focus lost.
  • Broken Undo/Redo stack (in case of selection).
  • Issue on recording initial selection Undo/Redo.
  • Recording selection Redo/Undo action only for non empty selection.
  • Status bar line counting display.
  • Modified document flag set unnecessarily.
  • Bug, where styling stopped after hotspot highlighting.
  • Toggle Folds: Selection range (really) toggles folds.


  • Removed wyUpdate and references from sources and distribution.

Final Words

In conclusion; thank you everyone for your support. In this journey we started, I learned a lot and met awesome people. The journey is far from over and I get excited when thinking about the future.

Sharing is Caring!

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3 thoughts on “Notepad3 version 4 build 992 released

  1. ms

    Improving the speed for large file, please!
    It is difficult to drag the scrollbar to the end of a large file (above 10MB). why?

  2. Leslie Lespes

    Why with this new version undo only work with one character at the time. If I cut a string of 80 characters long undo restores one character at the time.

  3. neilparks1

    The best keeps getting better… Thanks to Derick and the whole crew.