Notepad3 RC 3.18.422.952 Released

By | April 25, 2018

Notepad3 is almost unrecognizable from its humble beginnings as a Notepad2-mod clone. Mainly thanks to the incredible efforts of RaiKoHoff. Therefore, we solute him! Take a look at the Notepad3 RC change-log; it is a clear indication of the amount of work that goes into development. If you are a competent C++ developer, you can help to take some pressure off RaiKoHoff; clone the source and start. If you know competent developers, ask them to get involved.


Successful projects, consists of two important divisions; Developers and Testers. The one can’t function without the other. So, apart from needing developers to get involved with the Notepad3 project, we also need testers. But, this all said; there are many ways to get involved. If you are not sure where to start, contact me and we can discuss it. Or just leave a comment on this post.

Download Notepad3 RC

Download the latest Notepad3 Release Candidate. Test this release thoroughly and if you created an issue on GitHub, please close it.


  • Enhancement: Non Modal Customize Schemes… dialog.
  • Enhancement: Added option to skip ANSI Code Page detection (tellenc) (default is ON to preserve historic behavior).
  • Fix: Replace in selection: Selection enlargement.
  • RFC: Encoding detection: Separated tables from code.
  • Enhancement: External cmd tool using Google’s “Compact Encoding Detection” for encoding analysis.
  • Change: Replaced Tellenc by “Compact Encoding Detection” CED.
  • Fix: Y-CaretPolicy ([Settings2] CurrentLineVerticalSlop=0) default.
  • Added: X-CaretPolicy ([Settings2] CurrentLineHorizontalSlop=0).
  • Fix: Show replacement count info-box after UI update (extended selection, replaced pattern).
  • Updated: uthash library updated to current GitHub dev.
  • Fix: Issue regarding “Auto Complete Word” feature.
  • Change: Prep Scintilla “Position” value type changes for large file support.
  • Fix: Slow pasting of multiline clipboard.
  • Enhancement: Enable “Customize Schemes” Preview button only if selected lexer corresponds to opened file.
  • Enhancement: Added last find pattern to file history.
  • Enhancement: File history dependent last search pattern option combined with search history on/off option.
  • Fix: Style_SetLexer() should update line number margin width.
  • Fix: Minor issues regarding selection anchor/current_caret in Find Next/Previous.
  • Fix: Remember last search pattern on new files.
  • Added: Version info for Visual Studio 2017 v15.6.6 (VC v191326131).
  • Change: Rebases internally used code page on UTF-8 (Scintilla multi-byte conversions).
  • Added: Menu entries for (hidden) Accelerator Keys.
  • Fix: Notepad3 window positioning.
  • Fix: Initial window position handling (command line option “/pos”).
  • Fix: Search Next (F3) handling (ver II).
  • Added: Names under Acknowledgments on About box.
  • Fix: Reset scroll width on font (size) changes (automatically adapted).
  • Added: Method to remove duplicate lines.
  • Fix: Missing menu shortcut for “Remove Duplicate Lines” (“o”).
  • Fix: “Remove Duplicate Lines”: wrong last line handling in case of no selection.
  • Fix: Using process heap allocation instead of global memory allocation method (according to MSDN guidelines).
  • Fix: “Remove Duplicate Lines”: skipping line on progress to next compare when removing previous duplicate.
  • Fix: Toggle line comment on empty line.
  • Enhancement: Handling of F3 (find next – no F/R dialog).
  • Enhancement: Make Find Next Selected, Find Prev Selected as expected using modern Scintilla API methods (instead of hand made operation).
  • Enhancement: Strip First/Last Char within rectangular selection.
  • Fix: Issue in Strip First/Last Char within rectangular selection.
  • Enhancement: Strip Trailing Spaces within rectangular selection.
  • Enhancement: Compress White Spaces within rectangular selection.
  • Enhancement: Consistent rectangular selection restoration after block operations.
  • Change: Encoding of Notepad3 sources to UTF-8 (Sig).
  • Fix: Update Toolbar,Statusbar and LinNumber Margin on Observe NotifyEvent reactivation.
  • Enhancement: Int to DocPos type changes.
  • Enhancement: Added option to remove blank lines (containing blanks/tabs only).
  • Fix: Endless loop on “zero length match” at EOF.
  • Fix: Reverting file from storage – Preserve view, cancel selection.
  • Enhancement: Indication of find/replace state in FR dialog status bar.
  • Fix: Minor issue on display indication of find/replace state in FR dialog status bar.
  • Enhancement: Kind of “incremental search” : Find/Replace “Mark All Occ” active: typing search pattern scrolls to first match.
  • Fix: Small issues on Find/Replace Next/Previous operations.
  • Fix: Pad with spaces in case of rectangular selection.
  • Feature: 1st draft of “Toggle Visible” (hide non occurrences lines).
  • Fix: HyperlinkHotspot handling while “Toggle Visibility” changes view.
  • Fix: Issue with “Toggle Visibility” drawing a selection on clicking into view.
  • Fix: Concurrency issue: main window vs. Find/Replace dialog.
  • Debug: Version to folding issue on hiding invisible/non-marked lines.
  • Fix: Folding level issue to hide non-occurrence match lines.
  • Optimization: Delayed “mark occurrences” multi-triggering.
  • Fix: Possible Deadlock.
  • Fix: Avoid deadlock of occurrence marker task scheduler.
  • Fix: Enable FR state reset call from outside.
  • Fix: Enhance indicator (redraw needed) of re-apply “Mark All Occurrences”.
  • Fix: “Compressed View”: re-apply lexer styles on changed marked word.
  • Fix: Proper view reset after reverting from compressed view.
  • Fix: “Compressed View” – minor issues.
  • Fix: UTF-16 LE BOM (Unicode) for Notepad3.ini. – Notepad3.ini should have encoding UTF-16 LE BOM (Unicode) not the smaller UTF-8 Sig encoding format.
  • Fix: Scroll-to issue in case of incremental search.
  • Enhancement: Show or hide passphrase in dialog box.
  • Fix: Bug replacing reverse stream selection.
  • Enhancement: Enable “Toggle View” for main window.
  • Enhancement: “Toggle View” coop main window vs. F/R dialog.
  • Enhancement: F/R dialog – enable “Ctrl+BS” to delete word in search string.
  • Fix: Remove file-system/URL auto-completion from search box.
  • Fix: F/R dialog : minor corrections.
  • Enhancement: Added “Toggle View” button to toolbar.
  • Refactoring: Create a better “delayed command message queue”.
  • Enhancement: Selectable (and copy-able) version info header of About-Box.
  • Fix: Occurrences marker counting.
  • Enhancement: Statusbar segmentation resizing.
  • Fix: default “Slop” values changed.
  • Change: Updated Scintilla library to ver. 404
  • Fix: Undo/Redo handling in case of discarding U/R-Stack.
  • Fix: Check “Toggle View” button in case of activation.
  • Fix: Restore correct fold margin.
  • Fix: Optimized “notify change” observation on clearing file buffer.
  • Changed: Renamed “Toggle View” to “Focused View”.
  • Fix: Consistent “checked” for button and menu.
  • Fix: “Focused View”: disable encoding identifier insertion menu entry.
  • Fix: Bug in toggle mechanism of “Toggle All Folds”
  • Enhancement: “Toggle All Folds” -> “Toggle Folds” (works on selection only too now).
  • Fix: “Toggle Folds”: exclude fold point (headers) which have no children.
  • Fix: “Toggle Folds”: selection must span at least two lines.
  • Enhancement: “Toggle Folds”: Selection range (really) toggles folds.
  • Change: Focus View icon.
  • Fix: Matched Rizonesoft logo background with About dialog background.


Thank you for downloading and supporting the Notepad3 project. Notepad3 is steadily becoming the most popular Windows Notepad3 replacement. From here, Notepad3 can reach new heights and be the number one text-editor available. For me, it already is.

Sharing is Caring!

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