Notepad3 Build 862 Released

By | January 31, 2018

After a slight delay, the new Notepad3 Build 862 was released today. With another impressive release log. It feels like we are getting closer to perfection, but I’m sure the testers at GitHub will find even more bugs for us to sort out. But, this is not necessarily a bad thing; we need to be aware of bugs, to be able to create the best Windows Notepad replacement possible. Furthermore; if you logged an issue on GitHub, please scan through the changes and close the issue if resolved.

The Release Schedule has Changed

Furthermore, there is a change in the release schedule. The old schedule was unrealistic, because you can’t really know how many bugs will be discovered and how long it will take to fix them before another stable release can be prepared. Keeping this in mind, some releases will take a week or two, while others can take up to a month. Another reason for not scheduling release dates, is to take pressure off the developers. They are volunteers and work on Notepad3 in their spare time, and get no remuneration. So, please show your respect!

Download Notepad3

Head over to the Notepad3 page, to download the new release. If you are new to notepad3, give it a try, I’m sure you will like it. Remember to also check out the official Notepad3 documentation pages to learn how to use it.

Notepad3 Build 862

Notepad3 Build 862 changes

  • Fix: Correct in-memory encoding/re-coding of text.
  • Fix: Join Lines (preserve paragraphs) issue.
  • New: Accelerator Key Ctrl+Alt+J -> Fuse Lines (:= Join Lines, line-breaks NOT replaced by Space).
  • Fix: Byte counting for selection.
  • Fix: Bug in joining lines algorithm.
  • Fix: Alt+H should open history file access dialog not help menu (add ? to revert to known access key).
  • CR: Reverting back to ? for help menu and activation (Alt+?) key.
  • CR: Accelerator Key F1 now opens Online Documentation in the default browser.
  • Cleanup: Highlight current line stuff gathered.
  • Added: Setting2 parameter to adjust “Mark Occ” and “Hyperlink” styling delay.
  • Fix: Revisit usage of “Mark Occurrences” and “Hyperlink Styling” delay usage.
  • Fix: Rectangular selection: (virtual empty) selection persists after clear.
  • Cleanup: Customize Schemes… Style Names.
  • Fixes: Performance for several modify text operations.
  • Fix: Sentencecase some strings in “Customize Schemes...”.
  • Refactoring: Usage of undo/redo action stack.
  • Fix: SpeedUp undo/redo action collections.
  • Fix: Lock NotifyUpdate and TargetSelection in case of multi action redo/undo and target replacements.
  • Fix: Handling of document modified flag in case of NotifyChange bypass.
  • Enhancement: Canonical initial Notepad3.ini.
  • Fix: Redo/undo and jump-to behavior having an active selection.
  • Refactor: set/replace selection handling.
  • Fix: Wrong test on rectangular selection.
  • Enhancement: add empty sections to initial settings file (.ini) to force a canonical order.
  • Fix: More select and replace target issues.
  • Fix: Toggle All folds behavior.
  • CR: Changed inifile for Portable Apps Notepad3.
  • Fix: TAB indentation handling according to predecessors (NP2).
  • Fix: selection (anchor and current caret position) handling.
  • Enhancement: Version check for Visual Studio 2017 v.15.5.5.
  • Fix: “Line Comment” id noselection and current pos == indent pos.
  • Fix: Initial .ini-file: unused section removed.
  • Fix: Support scintilla msg: SCN_NEEDSHOWN (EXPAND folded sections if needed).
  • Revert: Accelerator Key Alt+UP/DOWN for navigation (jump) between folded section headlines.
  • Enhancement: Added Accelerator Keys: Alt+LEFT/RIGHT to FOLD/EXPAND folding section.
  • Fix: Avoid some issues regarding folding, using SCI_SETAUTOMATICFOLD.
  • Fix: Revert TAB + Selection action corresponding to VisualStudio’s behavior.
  • Fix: Sensible handling of “Block -> (Un)Indent” for different kinds of selections.
  • Fix: Font selection dialog does not reset some styles correctly.
  • Fix: Preserve selection on Line Comment toggle.
  • Enhancement: Make selection block indentation similar to VisualStudio’s.
  • Fix: Char2Hex: Remove limit single byte selection.


If you are experiencing any issues with Windows SmartScreen or Antivirus programs detecting Notepad3 as malware, please read the “Inconvenient truth about SmartScreen” and “Is Rizonesoft Software Safe?” articles for an explanation and possible solution. Thank you for using Notepad3 and remember to spread the word.

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