Notepad3 Build 828 Released

By | January 21, 2018

I apologize for the delay in writing about the new Notepad3 release. We are almost ready for the next release; well, rather late than never. Notepad3 has come a long way since it was first forked from the Notepad2-mod repository. It is almost not recognizable as a Notepad2-mod clone anymore. This is mainly thanks to the efforts of an incredible bunch of contributors at GitHub. Thanks to RaiKoHoff (Developer Extraordinaire), Craigo (Master Debugger) and LH_Mouse (Regular Expressions Wizard) it is becoming one of the most popular text editors available.

Furthermore, I am changing the way I do things here at Every release will get its own post with the latest changes and notices. There are some important release information that never reaches the end-user. Then, the blog section will be exclusively about Rizonesoft, computers and Windows. General freeware related articles are being moved to and the WordPress stuff to I think everyone would agree that this is a much better approach than plastering random crap on Rizonesoft.

Notepad3 Build 828

About Windows SmartScreen and “False Positives”

One of the main issues with every Notepad3 release is that it gets flagged by Windows SmartScreen as being potentially unsafe. Please read about why this happens in the “Inconvenient truth about SmartScreen article“. In addition, some Antivirus programs detects Notepad3 as containing malware. Please read the “Is Rizonesoft Software Safe?” for an explanation and temporary solution.

About Notepad3 Build 828

Now finally, I can tell you about the latest Notepad3 release. Download available here.

Important Release Notes

There are substantial changes to Schemes, including a new hierarchy and UI improvements that is breaking previous 2nd Default settings. So, please reset your current Notepad3 settings if possible when updating Notepad3, see the online documentation for more.

We removed the normal Notepad3 install file; the replace Windows Notepad version is now the only installer (One installer to rule them all). Because the Replace Notepad installer is the normal installer with the added function of replacing the Windows Notepad, it seem pointless to retain both.

The executable files in this release are not compressed using UPX. The idea was to fight the “False Positive” issue. However, RaiKoHoff pointed out that the compressed versions runs faster from a slow drives, like a USB flash drive; future releases will be compressed again.

The Changelog

This is an impressive changelog and shows the dedication of the Notepad3 contributors.

  • Performance: Redraw indicator ranges (Mark Occurrences) only if needed – avoiding recursive SCN_UPDATEUI notifications.
  • Mark Occurrences: force position progress in case of zero-length matches.
  • Performance: Mark Occurrence triggers enhancements.
  • Convenience: Re-introduce “max mark occurrence counter” to avoid lazy UI. (Set .ini section [Settings2] MarkOccurrencesMaxCount=-1 for unlimited (MAX_INT)).
  • Fix: Correct counting of found matches.
  • Fix: Broken find/replace (regex) on groups.
  • Performance: Tuning delay parameter of “Mark Occurrences” (instantly).
  • Performance: Remove test for set already, if indicator does not change.
  • Fixing several Mark Occurrences (instantly) issues.
  • Fix: Some customizing scheme issues (relative font size hierarchy).
  • Fix: Document modified flag not set properly (title, toolbar & statusbar only).
  • Fix: Renaming menu entries Edit: “Clear” -> “Delete”
  • Enhancement: structured “Mark Occurrences” menu hierarchy.
  • Fix: Menu “Mark Occurrences” whole word matching: add check indicator if one of word matching options (selected/current) is used.
  • Change: Menu “Mark Occurrences” whole word matching: radio button behavior.
  • Fixes Regarding Scheme customizing (rel. size) and View Menu (Mark Occ.).
  • Fix: Regex replacement on look-ahead assertion.
  • Fix: relative font sizing of non-default-style entries in custom schemes.
  • Fix: Font selection box title display.
  • Fix: clean coding for “relative sizing hierarchy”.
  • Feature: “Customize Schemes…” UI change to represent “relative sizing hierarchy”.
  • Fix: Update view on style change in “Customize schemes…”
  • Fix: Bug regarding “Reset” button in “Customizing Schemes…” dialog.
  • Fix: Bug in detect and style Hyperlink Hotspot.
  • Feature: Initial version of Nim Lexer. Added Scintilla project and header for Nim lexer.
  • Performance: Non visible styling during idle time.
  • Performance: Cache page instead of line only.
  • Change: Option “after visible” for styling in background (idle time).
  • Update: Compiler version 191225834 (VS2017 V.15.5.3).
  • Fix: Loosing state of “Transform Backslashes” while switching regex/wildcard search.
  • Fix: Block “mark occurrences” event on transaction pair: (SCI_TARGETFROMSELECTIO, SCI_REPLACETARGET).
  • Fix: protect SCI target transactions by a guard to break recursion of Mark Occurrences caused by ChangeNotification() events.
  • Fix: Handle “2nd Default Styles” as separate standard (2nd) lexer module.
  • Fix: Handling initial 1st or 2nd default style in case of “Default Text”, shown on int “Customize Schemes…”.
  • Fix: Crash on navigation between schemes beyond start/end of tree view.
  • Fix: Disable (using 1st Default Style) “Associated filename extensions” for “2nd Default Style”.
  • Fix: Clone associated filename extension list of Default Style (for 2nd Default Style).
  • Enhancement: status bar information about usage of 2nd Default Style.
  • Change: View “2nd Default Style” as (dbl-clickable) status bar item.
  • Cleanup: NimLexer = NimrodLexer -> rely on Scintilla distribution for Nim(rod) lexer.
  • Change: Word Wrap mode from WORD to SPACE to avoid wrapping at style change edges.
  • Fix: move word wrap start symbol to margin (new WW mode SPACE (instead of WORD))”.
  • Fix: Mark Occurrences timeout on Find/Replace.
  • Fix: Optimized status bar partitioning.
  • Fix: Revert naming for “2nd Default Text”.
  • Clean Code: Reasonable assumption for memory allocation of style handling (backup, save, load).
  • Tuning: Statusbar Partitioning.
  • Fix: Bug on switching between 1st and 2nd standard lexers.
  • Fix: Selection of 1st or 2nd standard lexer (Default Text) based on Use2ndStandard flag.
  • Change: Onigmo RegEx syntax dialect.
  • Change: Onigmo regex engine: use PERL 5.10 syntax + enable “\<” and “\>” word boundary matching.
  • Fix: Onigmo regex engine PERL syntax: supporting named groups referencing in replacement text.
  • Enhancement: Statusbar: Count number of bytes in current encoding.
  • Change: Replace Windows Notepad Installer version only.
  • Change: executable files not compressed with UPX.


You can help improve Notepad3, simply by reporting bugs or sharing your suggestions. Spreading the word; telling your friends about Notepad3, posting about it in forums or dropping a kind ward on GitHub will be greatly appreciated.

Sharing is Caring!

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