Notepad3 Build 350 Released with Scintilla 3.6.7

By | December 17, 2017

I know that Notepad3 seems to be the only program being updated. The reason for the delay in updating our other programs; is that we need to finish the Rizonesoft SDK before moving to other programs.

The Rizonesoft SDK will help us get more done in less time. Meaning that once the SDK is complete, the other updates will start flowing; and flow quickly they will. Because the SDK only support AutoIt projects and Notepad3 is developed using Microsoft Visual C++ 2015; we can periodically update it and do not need the SDK. Updates

Furthermore; We changed a little; I removed the community features, forums and the questions support option, because nobody really used it. I’m thinking about implementing a ticketing system for support, but that will be much later. If you can give us some feedback on this idea?

We removed the newsletter feature, or at least sending newsletters to all registered users by default. You can still subscribe to the blog and comments for important updates. The download waiting time for guests and registered users are the same, 10 seconds. So, no more “forced” registration. Registrations on Rizonesoft is disabled until further notice.

New Features

Notepad3 Build 350 Screen

Now back to Notepad3; this is not a big release. Some of the important changes in build 350, include:

  • HTML Keywords are updated
  • The Scintilla components is now on version 3.6.7
  • In the source code; the version.exe is now signed and Notepad3 detects when compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Update 3.

Download Notepad3

Go here to download Notepad3. If you would like to contribute to the project, you can browse the source code on GitHub here or click on the button below. Please do not forget to Star this release; it will motivate us to work harder. 🙂

[su_button url=”″ background=”#F5F5F5″ color=”#333333″ size=”4″ center=”yes” radius=”5″ icon=”” icon_color=”#555555″]Notepad3 on GitHub[/su_button]

Feel free to let us what you think about the project; critique and complements are equally welcomed. On GitHub you can also report issues; this will enable us to provide improved support and a centralized location to track issues.


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