New Rizonesoft Questions Support Tool [Discontinued!]

By | December 17, 2017

We created a new support option on Rizonesoft called Rizonesoft Questions.

You can use it to ask questions and find answers about our Software and/or technical related topics. For example; also find solutions for your Programming, Windows, Hardware, and third-party software problems.

Community driven solutions

Rizonesoft QuestionsRizonesoft Questions is community driven; this means that any member of our community can answer a question. Our community grows every day and the changes that one of them has an answer for you is pretty good. Simply ask a question and get a solution. In other words, Rizonesoft Questions is a community of like-minded people helping each other find answers (solutions).

Other support options vs Rizonesoft Questions

Other support options works fine, but there were some serious shortcomings. With these options you can ask a question by leaving a comment or sending us an email. Anybody that tried these options will tell you that it does not always work out so well. And sometimes they wait forever for an answer.

The problem with these options is:

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  • Comments are not structured and it is difficult finding a comment related to your question.
  • For various reasons, emails get lost and only the person asking the question will see the answer. This means that we can only help one person at a time and the workload increases.


Rizonesoft Questions is the support you deserve

Our new structured Q and A support option makes it easy to search for a question. Everyone can view an answered question. This enables us to help multiple users at the same time get back to doing what we do best; making software for you.

Rizonesoft Questions Features

  •     Ask any question on any technical topic and get answers.
  •     Answer any question.
  •     Pick the best answer and vote for answers.
  •     Vote questions and answers up or down.
  •     Instantly find questions.
  •     Receive email notifications when you receive an answer.

What about other support options?

You will still be able to leave comments and send us emails, but as mentioned before, these options are not as efficient as Rizonesoft Questions. We are also working on Forums that will be available in the near future.

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