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By | December 17, 2017

A while back I stumbled upon a new social network named Minds. I immediately signed up and started testing my new found hangout. At first glance the creators opied features from many other social networks, like the swiping from Plague, the “Boost your Post” from Avenue and reposting from Facebook.

Open Source Social Network

The platform is open source and offers end-to-end encrypted messages. This means that not even Minds.com itself will be able to read the messages being send. You earn points for your activity, like voting, posting and subscribing to other channels. These points can be used on promoting your own channel or posts. Similar to Facebook’s algorithm except more transparent.

Minds is not from Anonymous

Just to get the record straight; even though recently an Anonymous related website called for its members to support Minds, it is not backed by Anonymous like most believe.

Social Networking for Free Thinkers

The inhabitants seem to be a vibrant community of free thinkers and I felt at home from the very first day on the social network. I quickly started earning points and promoting my content. There was plenty of interesting posts to repost and vote for. Boosting (Promoting) my channel seemed to yield some decent results.

Minds Socia Network

Image from PixaBay.com | CC0 Public Domain – Free for commercial use No attribution Require

Overall; It is a good social networking alternative with an easy-to-use interface. Its community is friendly and welcoming. Ii does not really have that wow factor over other social networks, but it has some good features worth checking out.


It is still in Beta stage and I hope they do well. If the inhabitants keep on making new members feel welcomed and Minds keep on improving on its features, I don’t see why they will not succeed.

To learn more, please watch this video by Ian Crossland.


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