No Nonsense License

When Rizonesoft started, we imagined a special freeware license for our software, named the. Since then we re-licensed our software under the GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GPLv3). Read the ‘Rizonesoft now Open Sourceannouncement for more. However, even though most of our software is open source, there are some software that will be published under the No Nonsense license. Because some components used in a few of our programs are commercial-ware, it does not comply with the Open Source Definition.

Without further ado, below is the No Nonsense freeware license. Feel free to copy and use it for your own software. All we ask is that you do not remove the link at the bottom of this license.

No Nonsense freeware license 2.0

You may use our software anywhere and anytime for any purpose you want. We will just not be held responsible if you mess your computer up or use our software for illegal purposes. However, we do suggest that you never use our software for illegal or immoral purposes; otherwise karma could turn on you. On that note; we will also not be held responsible for any bodily harm you could sustain while using our software. You may however try to decompile (if you can, good for you), disassemble and use our software in your business. We did not include the source code, because, to be totally honest, we don’t want to.

If our freeware contains third party components you will need to abide by the terms of those specific component provider. Please do not try and decompile these components; otherwise some trouble could come your way. The resources and software we use to create our freeware are all open source, paid for and even the Windows we use are genuine. We emphasize that you only install our freeware on genuine software (Windows, Office, etc.). If for some reason your software is less than genuine, it is the same as using our freeware for illegal purposes and this is strictly forbidden.

If you use our software, you agree that most software companies are full of it and that our software might not work the way you expect it to. You agree that no developers are perfect and for that reason our software is less than perfect. It could in some cases crash your computer, render something unusable and maybe just not work, but you agree that this is your problem and not ours. Let’s face it; software companies really don’t care.

You are entitled to free support from us and we will try to help you the best we can. If we are too stupid to help you, sorry, at least we tried. Furthermore, this license was not copied or adapted from any other licenses and for this reason is like the software it tries to protect, could be faulty.

No Nonsense Licensing Kit

Download the Licensing kit below. It includes a text (UTF-8) file and a pixel button graphic. The pixel button can be used to promote the No Nonsense project on Websites, Forums, etc.

No Nonsense License Kit version 2.0:

No Nonsense Policy version 2.0

This ‘No Nonsense’ policy was created to provide you with information, without the nonsense of everyday internet use, about our software. To understand the ‘No Nonsense’ policy, you need to understand the necessity for a policy like this. The ‘No Nonsense’ policy was created because we got fed up with software companies providing software with millions of false promises. For example; my software will make you money, walk your dog and make coffee in the morning… Blah, Blah, Blah.

Now that you understand why we created a policy like this, let’s start. Here’s the stuff we will not do and our software can’t do:

  • We will not give you false information about our software and mislead you into thinking that we got the next Micro**** product that will revolutionize the way you think of software.
  • We will not try and sell you an idea or make you believe that everything we made is new and original. Let’s face it. In the internet age, nothing is really new and original.
  • We will not include a Toolbar and state that its spyware free.
  • We will not give our software names that can mislead you into thinking it’s more than what it actually is. For example; we will not give a Virus scanner the name, Rizonesoft Antivirus Professional.
  • Our software might or could not work with your version of Windows.
  • We will not claim that our software is better than the competition’s software, when we have an idea that it might not be.


I hope you enjoyed reading the No Nonsense license and policy as mush as we enjoyed creating it. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve these documents, feel free to let us know.