KingSpec P2U38-2T 2TB PCIe SSD!

By | December 17, 2017

KingSpec recently introduced an amazing product to the market, namely the KingSpec P2U38-2T. This is a 2TB PCIe Solid State Drive with a surprisingly shocking transfer rate of up to around 4GB a second.

About KingSpec

KingSpec is not a very large enterprise and certainly not as well known as their competitors such as Samsung, Micron, OCZ and Kingston to name a few.

KingSpec Electronics Technology Co.Ltd. has two brands KingSpec and Aspec. KingSpec is for consumer grade SSD’s which most of us use in our laptops and desktops. Aspec is intended for enterprise solutions or special development grade SSD’s.

KingSpec P2U38-2T

The KingSpec P2U38-2TT PCIe SSD unit has is based on an internal RAID solution with separated mSATA SSD units. When connected to a PCI Express 3.0 slot and brandishing 2TB of memory, this product was made to conquer and rack up some serious figures while doing so.

Bandwidth figures in real terms confirm normal operating speeds of around 3GB a second with it reaching the 4GB a second marker from time to time. Although this PCI-Express 3.0 SSD is primarily aimed at high end servers, professional workstations and possibly even high end gaming platforms their products are also made for volatile environments within industrial computing and will still work within temperatures ranging from -40 to 85°C.

With that said, one really has to admit that the P2U38-2T is one spectacular looking piece of hardware as well, reminding us of the good old days of Voodo 3Dfx and the Ati Rage 128 (although both being older gen graphics cards).

KingSpec P2U38-2T

The KingSpec P2U38-2T PCIe uses the PCI Express 3.0 x8 (Gen 3.0) slot interface. One will note several mSATA units with two layers of PCB with separated mSATA clusters, each getting power from their own controller. These single SSD clusters are then connected to an LSI RAID controller.

The random 4K IOPS performance is known to hover at around 200,000 inputs/outputs per second (above the advertised figures). Under the fan one would find the LSI RAID controller. At this time RAID is the only known methodology which can be used to combine all the drives and create a SSD with such severe brute force power.

With the RAID controller being used this does mean that much of the performance may only reveal it’s self when transfering large files, with smaller files not being this SSD’s strong point. Each mSATA unit has a DRAM cache but unfortunately the RAID unit does not.

This SSD is rated at an endurance of 8 years, with rated usage set at 2TB/day. Yes, you read correctly, thats 2TB. This means a life expectancy of 2 million hours! Goodbye to usage concerns when using SSD’s.

The KingSpec P2U38-2T is available in three different sizes at this time starting from 1TB then the 2TB drive as shown and then finally the big daddy 8TB. With the product being in constant development it would not be unreasonable to expect even larger performance leaps from this range in the near future.

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