Is Rizonesoft Software Safe?

By | February 26, 2018

Lately, I’ve noticed an increasing number of our software being detected as malware or unsafe. With many planned releases for the near future, this is a serious issue. It has effected our reputation, because many users now believe that Rizonesoft distributes malware. Furthermore, many users will never return for a second visit because of this. So, Is Rizonesoft Software Safe or not? The short answer is Yes! But read on for a detailed explanation.

In an attempt to remedy this situation, this article will teach you more about false positives and how to submit a file for analysis to the respective security provider.

Just because something isn’t our fault, doesn’t mean it’s not our problem.

In addition; under every downloadable file and on the software update pages you will find a VirusTotal scan link for you to make sure the download is clean.

Why our software can be detected as malware?

There are literally hundreds of reasons why a download could be detected as unsafe or containing malware. My research shows that a combination of factors can trigger a false detection. For example: UPX compression, certain keywords in the code, and specific behavior. It is almost impossible to determine what exactly triggers a detection.

In an addition to the above example, the program’s popularity can also effect the malware detection process. Take for example this article about Windows SmartScreen. Fortunately when submitting a file to Windows Defender for analysis, you can also solve the SmartScreen warning or false positive. 🙂

How to know our software does not contain malware?

Upload a file to VirusTotal

The easiest way to make sure our Software is clean and the detection is a true false positive, is to upload the file to VirusTotal for analysis. Follow the steps below to do this:

  1. Go to
  2. Press the Upload and scan file button.
  3. Select the file you would like to analyze, press Open and wallah.

Please note: Because VirusTotal uses over 60 security products to scan a file, 6/60 (10%) detections is acceptable. Once that file has been submitted for analysis to the security providers detecting it as malware, the false positives should disappear.

How to Report False Positives to Antivirus Vendors?

So, your favorite anti-virus program detected malware in a Rizonesoft program, what now? For your own peace of mind, submit the file to VirusTotal for analysis first. And if you are not totally convinced you can also submit it to Jotti’s Malware Scan for analysis.

Antivirus Vendor List and where to submit a file

This list will be updated periodically, so check back regularly for updates!

Avast Antivirus
Avast Antivirus logoUse this contact form to submit the file: Make sure you’ve noted that it is “False Positive” or send the file to Pack the file into ZIP archive and lock it with password “virus” (without quotes) and attach it to the e-mail. Write the same password inside mail body, so the Avast analysts will know the password right away without guessing. You can also add web address to that file (or webpage of the file/program) if it’s on the internet. Add your own note on why do you think that it’s a false positive. If it was really a false positve, you will get a reply mail after some time.
AVG Antivirus
AVG Antivirus logoCheck the file using this form: If the file is false detected, add it to zip archive with password. Then email zip file to Do not forget to note it is “File is incorrectly marked as a virus (false positive)” and archive password for the zip file.
BitDefender logoPost false detection in their forum:​​
ClamAV logoComplete the form at Be sure to select The file attached is… a false positive.
Comodo Antivirus
Comodo Antivirus logoSend the file to or Make sure you state “False Positive” in the subject and try to explain what the program is. Or upload the file sample using this online form:
Dr. Web
Dr. Web Antivirus logoComplete the form at Make sure you select “False Detect”.
EmsiSoft logoSend the suspect(s) to Before submitting, create a password protected archive (ZIP or RAR) containing the file(s). Please password protect the archive with word: “fp” (no quotes)
Kaspersky logoZip the file with password “virus” and use this form to send sample: 
Windows Defender
Upload the file at Make sure to select No — this file has been incorrectly detected before uploading the file.


If you download a program from Rizonesoft, and for some reason it is detected as malicious, please help us by submitting the file for analysis to the respective Anti-Virus vendor. When it is found to be a false positive, the Antivirus company will exclude it from detection and in turn will help hundreds of Rizonesoft users use our software without issues. End of February 2018, beginning March, all this “false positive” nonsense should end, but until then, your support is greatly appreciated.

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