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By | December 17, 2017

I would like to introduce the newest member to the Rizonesoft family, TheWhiteNinja. He brings a fresh new topic to Rizonesoft, games and all things gaming.

TheWhiteNinja is going to give us game tutorials, reviews and news with an entertaining twist. Between all the boring technical stuff on Rizonesoft, I think we all need a little entertainment and TheWhiteNinja will provide.

However, you are most likely not reading this article to hear my opinion. After all, I am not much of a gamer and  do not know much about games, so I will let TheWhiteNinja introduce himself.


Some people may still deny it but online gaming is HUUGE. Because of the increasing popularity of online gaming, a person can make a lot of money playing games.

For example; some international tournaments have prizes of more than $10 000000. Because of these massive prize pools the gaming community is extremely competitive.

Now this does not seem like a problem at first. Kids that start online gaming are sucked into this competitive world.

People bully each other, especially if they play badly or make a mistake. I think this is just awful, because gaming must be fun. It is supposed to be a stress reliever and  this is the problem. The bigger online gaming gets the less fun it gets.

That is where I want to come in I want to send a message that online gaming is a place where you can join your friends from across the world and have fun not be competitive and play to win.

Yes, there are places in online gaming where being competitive is fine like if your taking part in a tournament or playing against clan, but not when you’re sitting in front of your PC at home playing with your friends.

Some people even use cheats, just to say, “I owned those noobs”. These are the saddest bunch of people, winning by cheating is not winning.

I’ve seen children smash their keyboard, break their mouse, scream at team mates, call each other names just because of a bad round or lost game. Some even suffer from depression just because they lost a game.

TheWhiteNinjaPeople forget the most important rule: It’s Only a Game, Why You Heff to be Mad?

Yes it’s not fun losing or having a bad game but pick yourself up, dust yourself off and play another round just have fun, laugh and you will see your gaming improve.

That is the message I want to send using my YouTube channel. It’s going to take years for me to grow but I’m willing to work to get my message across.

I am TheWhiteNinja and I approve this message.

*Ninja vanish*

Now let’s make TheWhiteNinja feel welcome. Visit his YouTube channel and help him spread his message of fun. Remember that your opinion is important, so please leave a comment and share.

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Spread the word; TheWhiteNinja is here.

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