Introducing the Rizonesoft SDK

By | December 17, 2017

I would like to introduce the Rizonesoft Software Development Kit (SDK). I created the Rizonesoft SDK to streamline developing Rizonesoft software, but this SDK is not just for me, now everyone can create software the Rizonesoft way.

This is a prototype release, so there is still many bugs. For example; there is no proper documentation and some functions are not complete. However, I think this is a good start for a SDK.

Because we create most Rizonesoft Software using AutoIt, the Rizonesoft SDK can only be used for creating AutoIt based projects. Learn more about AutoIt here.

Using the Rizonesoft SDK

The Rizonesoft SDK can be divided into two distinct parts; the building and the distribution environment.

Rizonesoft SDK

Rizonesoft SDK Building and Distribution Environment

Building Environment

In the building environment you perform tasks like; compile (build) projects, compress executables, sign executables and generating documentation for a project.

Distribution Environment

The distribution side of the building environment can; create a distribution, create a portable package, generate an installation executable, sign the generated installation file, distribute the source code to GitHub and create a source code package.

Source Code

Like all our software, the SDK sources are available from GitHub. Please remember to Star this release and follow us on GitHub. When you find a bug, you can report it here. Also find the source code in the self-extracting package.

Get Involved

Visit the Rizonesoft SDK thread in the AutoIt forums and be part of the discussion. You do not need to be a super programmer to help. Experiment with the Rizonesoft SDK and learn while you create new programs. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Conclusion and Download

We published the Rizonesoft SDK to demonstrate our development techniques and we do not expect many users, but we hope it will be useful to some. The most important thing is that with the release of this SDK you can expect more updates, faster. 🙂

For those who followed Rizonesoft antics, you likely noticed that we had an issue with updating our software and finishing new releases. I apologise for the long wait and hope we did not lose many followers because of it.

The challenge is to balance life and work with my hobby, creating open source software. The Rizonesoft SDK solves this and you should start seeing a lot more updates and new releases soon.

Go here to explore and download the Rizonesoft SDK.

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