Introducing the new Firemin

By | December 17, 2017

A new update for Firemin is long overdue and finally it’s here. Although it’s still in the beta stage; it is fully functional and will give you a sneak peek into what to expect from Firemin in the future. One of the most sought after features was compatibility with other browsers. I’m happy to announce that the new profile feature allows you to select the appropriate profile for your favorite browser. You can now also use Firemin to edit existing profiles or create your own.

Download Firemin

Please Go Here to download Firemin Beta and check out all the new features. Basically everything was redesigned from scratch and because this release is still in the beta stage, prepare yourself for a few bugs. Please inform me about the bugs you find so that I can promptly fix them. Also, contact me with your thoughts and suggestions.

Some of the mentionable planned features are; a process manager, detailed process statistics and more profiles.

Firemin Profiles Dialog Screenshot

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10 thoughts on “Introducing the new Firemin

  1. Len Rappa

    I thank you for updating Firemin. I changed over to using Cyberfox and the old Firemin wasn’t useful any more. I want to report a bug, however. When clicking on “Open Cyberfox” from the tray icon, a new Windows Explorer window opens to the Firemin directory, but Cyberfox does not launch. I’ve put in all variables correctly. Also, I could not find the “help documentation” you mention in the “Installation path” section of your “Profiles” dialog. Thank you.
    P.S.- I plan on donating to your project once I get it functioning. Great job on this!

  2. Janusz


    thanx again for making this great app but Id like to make a request

    would it be possible to make the app work for waterfox [which is the 64 bit version of firefox] ?
    the 64bit version works really nice and fast but… as always for all fox versions it consumes tons of RAM…
    or maybe you have some suggestions for some trick to make it work with this version of firefox [coz all 64bit compatible addons and plugins run with it automatically as installed in the 32bit version]

    thanx in advance

  3. Aldi

    Can this work with multiple running browsers, eg. multiple Firefox browsers of different profiles, or does it only work for one browser at a time?

    1. rizonesoft Post author

      Firemin supports multiple browser instances. You can however create a new profile specifying the browser processes you would like to manage. However; remember that automatic launch function will only work for the browser’s path you specified in the profile. For example, modify the Firefox profile processes like this; firefox.exe|palemoon.exe|plugin-container.exe to support Firefox and Palemoon in the same profile. If you can explain a little more about what exactly you are trying to accomplish, I would be able to help you further.

      1. B. Moore

        Kinda confused on your reply to the commenter above.

        Whats the point of the profiles exactly?

        Here is what I normally run daily all together on win7pro64bit…

        Firefox 28 located here : C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox
        Firefox 28 Portable located on a thumbdrive : F:\appz\ff4\App\firefox\firefox.exe
        Firefox Dev 36.0a2 located : C:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox Developer Edition\firefox.exe

        So how many profiles do I need to setup?

        Any help greatly appreciated!

        1. rizonesoft Post author

          In your case. Everything will be optimized because Firemin optimizes all running firefox.exe processes regardless of the path. However, it will launch Firefox (if you enabled the launch with Firemin function) from the C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox path. This path can be changed to one of the other locations by editing the profile. Or you can simply create a new profile for the Developer Edition. Profiles are mainly for supporting Pale Moon, Waterfox, etc. What I mean; you should choose the profile of the main browser (the one you use the most) and if you would like to also optimize for example Pale Moon, you can add the palemoon.exe process to the selected profile.

          When I release the new Firemin, I will also be releasing a proper PortableApps version. In a week or so I will also be releasing a special Firemin build for running two profiles at the same time.

          1. B. Moore


            Thank you for explaining profiles, now I understand.

            I appreciate all your efforts in keeping this app alive!

            For a person who still has a xp box that is used daily this app is a must have!

            thank you

          2. Aldi

            My case is the same as B. Moore. I run multiple Firefox browsers of different profiles, including the Developer Edition, all of which are PortableApps. However, I changed the executable file names so that I could determine which one is which in the Task Manager just in case I need to force close one (eg. firefox-work.exe, firefox-surf.exe, firefox-dev.exe).

            Haven’t tried the new beta version yet, though, but will try it soon. Thanks for the update!