How to Install and Remove Fonts in Windows 10

By | March 22, 2018

Whether you are a professional or novice graphic designer, the default fonts bundled with Windows might just not have what you need to create an award-winning design. As a result, you start Googling for some eye candy fonts. You find and download that perfect font for your design, but now what?  This is where this guide comes in. It will show you the two easiest methods for installing fonts. Also, later in this guide I will show how to remove fonts that just did not make the grade.

Keep in mind that most free fonts you find on the internet cannot be used for commercial purposes. For example; the demo font I’m using in this guide is the incredible ‘From Cartoon Blocks Font‘ by Galdino Otten, downloaded from Furthermore, you can find quality free fonts at places like; and

How to Install a Font in Windows 10

After downloading a font, locate it and dump it into a folder of your choice. Most fonts will be packed into a ZIP file, so you will need to extract it first. You can download 7-Zip here to do this. Now, locate the folder where the font is stored and open it. Right-click on the font file and select Install.

Install a Font in Windows 10

Double-clicking on a font to open it up in the Font Viewer. From here you can Preview, Print or Install the font.

Font Preview in Windows 10

How to Install Multiple Fonts in Window 10

Here is another way to install fonts in Windows 10.

Open the folder with the fonts you want to install; press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all, right-click on the selection and select Install. However, I promised another method, so here goes:

Go to the Windows 10 search field on the taskbar, and type Control Panel. Click on the Control Panel link to open it. With the Control Panel open, go to Appearance and Personalization, and then Fonts. Once the font library loads, simply drag the fonts from the source (the fonts you want to install) folder into the font window.

Install Multiple Fonts in Window 10

How to remove Fonts in Windows 10

As promised, here is how to remove unwanted or corrupt fonts.

Follow the previous steps to find the Control Panel, go to Appearance and Personalization section, and open up the font library. Click on the font you want to remove. Above the font list; you will see options to Organize, Preview, Delete, and Hide the selected fonts. Click Delete, and a window will pop up confirming your decision.

Remove Fonts in Windows 10


The font management tools build into Windows 10 is good enough to manage and install fonts on your computer. There is no need to waist time and space with complicated 3rd party font managers. Even restoring the default Windows 10 fonts is a breeze.

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