Important Notice from Rizonesoft! April 2017

By | December 17, 2017

Now that I have your attention; I know this is a lengthy article, but it contains important information every Rizonesoft user and visitor should read. So please read it?

I have to admit that I have neglected Rizonesoft the past few months; this is mainly due to my day job keeping me busy. I work as a IT Technician, Website Developer, Hosting Server Administrator and Software Developer, just to mention some. I am not complaining about it; it pays the bills, but this keeps me from my true passion, making software for you. One day I will have the opportunity to work on Rizonesoft full time.

The road to this point was though and full of obstacles; but I’ve managed to keep Rizonesoft going for almost a decade. This is amazing, but I could not have accomplished this without you. I made many mistakes and will most likely make many more, but will always give my best and remain humble in your presence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rizonesoft DNA

Rizonesoft’s Future

Nobody can predict the future. However; I know I will need to make more time to work on Rizonesoft and get things done. You guys have been so patient with Rizonesoft and I will never forget that; you are awesome! Without being another Nostradamus; there are a few things I can mention about the direction Rizonesoft is moving in.

 Code Signing Certificates

Last year I bought an Open Source Code Signing certificate from Certum. In February, this year they changed their offering and it is now compulsory to purchase a special storage device to use the certificate. This made the price shoot up from $15 to $85.

I am holding out for a proper certificate. The cheapest I found is from KSoftware and will cost $84/yr. This is a no brainer; I’m busy saving for the 3-year certificate at $209 ($69.66/yr). The only problem is; it will take a few months to save up for this unplanned expense. Rizonesoft does not have Microsoft’s budget just yet, so please be patient; I will be releasing signed software again soon. If you have the means, click on the button below to make a contribution (donation) towards a new code signing certificate. 🙂

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Proper Code Signing

Nonetheless, this is not a train smash; this gives me enough time to work on some articles and I will have extra time to perfect Rizonesoft Software before release. However, some releases will be published as unsigned Beta versions on a planned Beta Downloads page for those who do not mind using unsigned software.


I tried in the past to write an informative Roadmap; but soon realised that it is a discouraging task to follow a Roadmap to a T. For now; here is my thoughts:

I am busy redesigning the Rizonesoft SDK and the ReBar Framework. Important changes, that will translate to all future releases include; no more external icon Dlls (icons will be imbedded in the executable), cleaner and optimized code, improved update notification system and smarter software with personality.

Rizonesoft Roadmap

I am planning on resurrecting a few abandoned open source projects. Without spoiling the surprise, it will be; a colour picker that will be distributed with Notepad3 as an extension (there will also be a stand-alone version), a data recovery program developed in C#, and an Office Suite with a Word Processor and a Spreadsheet program; maybe even a professional Email client (Outlook Clone).

I will finish updating all current projects. I have about 35 new unfinished projects; the plan is to finally finish and publish these projects. We all know how plans can change, but this time around I need to stick with it.

Lastly; I am planning a Quick Fix section (page) where I will publish small programs called Quick Fixes. A Quick Fix will be used to repair a certain feature of Windows. Later these Quick Fixes will be incorporated into a bigger project named Alien Hive.

Blogging at Rizonesoft

Currently there are 10 guest authors at Rizonesoft, but not many posts being published. You can sign up as a guest author here. The plan is to get as much guest authors as possible, to at least have one informative quality article published each day. On the other hand; I will do my best to publish at least on informative article written by me each week.


Image from | CC0 Public Domain – Free for commercial use No attribution Require

Furthermore; please note that the Rizonesoft blogging section will be kept free of software update notifications. It will be reserved for reviews, new software releases and how-to guides. Update notifications will be published on Rizonesoft’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. Please go like our page and follow us on Twitter to stay informed.

Contributing to Rizonesoft

Donations are not required to use our software, but it enables me to invest more into Rizonesoft and better our software. Some planned expenses are; DevExpress components to complete the Word Processor and Spreadsheet solution that will be distributed freely ($899.99 – $2,199.99 and $899/yr), MailBee Components for our planned email client (Outlook Clone) ($299), Social Warfare WordPress plugin for improved social sharing ($29/yr), Dedicated Server for website performance and extra income stream ($330/mo or $4,643.73 for 3 years).

Click on the button below to make a contribution (donation) towards these expenses.

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Donations has been a little slow, but I still appreciate each dollar contributed. Furthermore; I will be more transparent regarding Rizonesoft’s finances. I feel it is unnecessary to act like a multi-million-dollar company when it is clear that Rizonesoft is no more than one developer’s passion to provide quality free software to everyone.

Now, as mentioned before; you do not need to donate to help Rizonesoft grow. A simple post on Facebook or Twitter and a word to a friend will be immensely appreciated. An encouraging comment also goes a long way. 🙂

Sharing is Caring!

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4 thoughts on “Important Notice from Rizonesoft! April 2017

  1. Vinod K Chandran

    Hi, I am a new user of Notepad3. I like the way it works. Thanks for that wonderful program. I am curious about which language is used to write that program. As i am a hobby programmer, i am looking forward to know more about languages.

  2. Elliot

    I’ve been using your Complete Internet Repair for many years & it has got me out of a lot of holes, so I applaud you for updating this as & when you can.

    I must admit, I’ve not really tried many of your other pieces of software as Complete Internet Repair was your “killer app” as far as I’m concerned & I still use it on a fairly regular basis.

    Keep up the good work Derick.