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By | October 29, 2018

It is true that nothing is free. Even though I give everything on away for free (even the source code), I still need to pay Rizonesoft’s bills. Everything costs money these days; from hosting to maintaining the computer I do my programming on. In addition to this; I need to constantly acquire new software to keep Rizonesoft software up-to-date with the latest technologies out there.

I started many commercial projects in the past and with the recent cancellation of the dedicated server, all other projects had to be abandoned. I lost thousands invested in these projects, but managed to save once again. I just could not afford the Rizonesoft server anymore.

If you’ve followed Rizonesoft’s history, you will know I made many mistakes and it has never been easy to keep going. But, I am proud to say that no matter the size of the mountain, I got over it and survived. Proving that if you persist, nothing is impossible.

That all said, we do not want to start selling our software; tried that and it will never work. We are now looking towards our users for a small donation to keep going and help us improve our software. I know that times are tough and many of you don’t have the finances to spare, but spreading the word or even helping with development will be enough.

To give a little something, press the button below to make a donation. I thank you in advance for your support and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



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4 thoughts on “Help Survive

  1. John

    You are doing a great job! Great softwares and very nice site! Your work merit to be rewarded. I just discover your site when was searching a memory cleaning software, and found Memory Booster which is just what i was looking for, it’s free, portable and looks great! 😀 Thank you very much for what you’re doing! I’m not rich, but I’ll do my best to help you.

    Good luck, and thanks again!

  2. Stuart

    I found this touching. You really wrote from your heart, being truly open. I would agree that anything we (users) can do to help would be appropriate. You have provided us very helpful software from your efforts and yet it is good you thought of the fact that times are tough and many of us are struggling ourselves financially. Both from what you told us above, and from seeing how great your software truly is, I am now even more inspired to find some time and spread the word about your excellent products! If this will help, this is the least I can do.

    1. rizonesoft Post author

      Thank you for your comment Stuart. Comments like the one you gave motivates me to work even harder. Spreading the word will help significantly. Thank you in advance. It is my pleasure to contribute something useful to the software community and give a little back to all Rizonesoft supporters. Thanks again for your support.

  3. webfork

    Just a suggestion that there are lots of ways to make money off free software.

    – Amazon affiliate links (someone surfs Amazon using your link and you get part of the profits)
    – Wishlists (Amazon/Thinkgeek, etc.)
    – Electronic currencies (like Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.)
    – “Enhanced support” meaning you’ll do basic tech support cheaper (don’t do it for free)

    Additionally, a little goes a long way to showing that one’s donations have an impact. You don’t want to get to gimmicky with this stuff, but:

    – Offer feature bounties
    – A “thanks” board with multiple levels of donations (silver, gold, platinum, etc.) … put this in the “about” section of your software as well
    – A goal and how far along you are on that goal (the GPG site has this up right now

    I mention this because a lot of people don’t like Paypal and — as the old saying goes — don’t make the customer wait to pay. Please keep in mind that your donations will probably not be numerous. Everyone I’ve talked to about this in the free software community says that donations are few and far between. Spending a lot of time on setting all this up might be counter-productive.

    Please feel free to email me directly if you have thoughts, questions, or want to bounce some ideas.