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I decided to write this article after the disappointment Notepad3 users showed when we dropped Windows XP support. The decision to drop XP support was based on Support for Windows XP being dropped by Microsoft back in 2014.

Windows XP was released in October, 2001 as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. The interface was overhauled with a new visual appearance. This release also added ClearType and subpixel rendering to improve the appearance of fonts on LCD displays. It also introduced new system icons. XP also introduced product activation that required each Windows license be activated. – Microsoft Windows Complete History

Windows XP
Microsoft Windows XP Start Menu and Desktop

This all means that Windows XP is almost 18 years old. That is 18 years of performance, visual, security and usability enhancements ago.

Windows XP is the most stable Microsoft Operating System

No, it is not! In fact, Windows 10 is the most stable Windows to date and is being improved every day. I understand that Windows Vista and Windows 8 was duds, but why a user would still refuse to even upgrade to Windows 7 is strange to me. BTW. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015, but extended support won’t end until January 14, 2020. However, I believe that most software companies will continue creating software for Windows 7 way past 2020.

How many Windows XP users are there?

When we speak about the Windows Version Market Share we are referring to the percentage of users still using a specific version of Windows. Take a look at the chart below. It shows that 43% of all Windows users are running Windows 10. Second (42%), and third place (9%), goes to Windows 7 and 8.1 respectively. And Windows XP comes in at about 3%. From a developer’s point of view, it is not a good idea to trade new features for Windows XP support.

2018 Windows Version Market Share
Windows Version Market Share data expertly provided by StatCounter

Based on Windows Version Market Share data history, we can predict that Windows 7 will lose about 20% of its market share by 2020. But as previously stated, because it should still have a market share above 20%, software companies will continue supporting it until it drops under the 5% mark. Or, at least, clever companies will continue to support it. This all said, we can’t predict the direction tools like Visual Studio will move in, so it could be another trade between new features and Windows 7 support. Developers could start dropping Windows 7 support sooner than anticipated.


Windows XP is old! and upgrading to at least Windows 7 is a good idea. However, I would suggest upgrading to Windows 10 and not Windows 7. This way you can enjoy all the new Windows feature and security enhancements for years to come. Furthermore, you know the latest software and hardware will work with it. I hope this article helped you understand why your favorite software does not support Windows XP anymore.



4 thoughts on “Get over Windows XP

  1. Jorge Reply

    Win10 is NOT the most stable. it’s actually pretty much junk. The best windows is Windows 7, by a landslide. Win10 includes some decent improvements, like the new task manager (also icluded in win8/8.1), but it also includes A TON of useless bloat and is a total resource hog. a freshly installed win7 x64 will use about 600MB of RAM, a freshly installed win10 x64 uses about 1,7GB.

  2. nlxdodge Reply

    I always update to the newest, doesn’t matter for me to upgrade, windows 10 clean install only takes 5 minutes to setup, installing software is for a student not really to hard. And non the less games with steam in done easy. Install stack/mega/onedrive and let it sync a day and you’re ready to go.

  3. bolkey Reply

    Well, here is one of those happy XP-users. I don’t mind better technology, but I have invested quite a lot of time to make my computer what it is now. Everytime a completely new OS had to be installed, it cost me over a week to get things like they were before. And that’s only that software that still works…
    Furthermore, I completely fail to see why new technology on the inside of an OS must inevitably lead to an unfamiliar, not to say garish and childish, look and feel. Why I have to search al over again to find those functions and options I used to use, why menu shortcuts must change even if the menu doesn’t, so my fingers no longer know to find their way along blindly (if it’s still possible at all).

  4. Blackcrack Reply is new, this is in direction of WinXP and Server2003,
    this is only the next step, behind of this it is getting further !
    This is why you should support Server2003 and !
    Log you in , in the forum use IRC and look your on the Repository on Github !
    This is why should rizonesoft support Reactos , it is the new Windows, the Free WinNT and the next Openratingsystem, who supports you old and the brand new Software behind the Version 1.0
    but at moment it is on 0.5 and it is alpha but the half it’s done !
    The Reactos it is programmed under GPL2 out of the Community,
    it meants, you can help to, with Patches, support in any form (also too in donations)
    and maybe programming with and help in the Forum.

    best regards

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