Drone used to Hack Corporate Network

By | December 17, 2017

A research center at the Singapore University of Technology and Design created a project which uses a drone with an attached smart phone to steal documents sent to wireless printers.

In order carry out this task they developed two applications.

Cypersecurity Patrol

Cybersecurity Patrol which is used to detect open WiFi printers and automatically notify the organization’s IT department. Another app (which will remain nameless for obvious reasons) which once an open wireless printer is detected, this app uses the smartphone to establish a fake access point that mimics the printer and tricks PCs into sending documents to it instead of the real printer.

The drone with its smart phone can hover outside a corporation building collecting (sometimes sensitive) data which is intended to be printed.


Not the actual drone

The same group is also known to have devised a robotic vacuum cleaner that can also scan for vulnerable networks while it cleans an office’s floors. You can watch the video below.

Please note that this project was carried out in order to help secure networks and printers and not at all for malicious reasons. Projects such as this one will be required to find and fix security flaws for the coming cloud based future.

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