Rizonesoft SDK

Because my day job keeps me pretty busy, I do not get much time to develop software for Rizonesoft. While creating new releases, I noticed, I’m doing the same thing over and over. This means, if I can automate these repetitive tasks, I can cut development time in half, and so the idea for a Rizonesoft SDK was born.

I created the Rizonesoft SDK to streamline developing Rizonesoft software. It is worth mentioning that this Software Development Kit can only be used for creating AutoIt based projects, because most Rizonesoft software are created using the AutoIt language. You can read more about AutoIt here.

Rizonesoft SDK Main Screen

Rizonesoft SDK Main Screen

ReBar Framework

I started with creating an application framework, named ReBar Framework. The ReBar Framework use shared functions that makes it easier to update projects. For example; the about dialog can be updated in one place and the change will reflect in each program when compiled.

Furthermore; the settings file name is generated from the script name and information like, the program name, company name, description is adopted from the AutoIt directives in the script.

Building and Distribution Environment

From here I created the building environment for performing tasks like; compiling, compressing executables, signing executables and generating documentation for a project.

The distribution side of the building environment can; create a distribution, create a portable package, generate an installation executable, sign the generated installation file, distribute the source code to GitHub and create a source code package.

Rizonesoft SDK Roadmap

The Rizonesoft SDK is still in its infant (prototype) stage. We are planning many more features. Some of the features we are planning and working on include:

  • The new project wizard is incomplete. At the moment, new projects can only be created manually.
  • I’m busy working on Scriptomatic for AutoIt.
  • Documentation on how to use the Rizonesoft SDK for creating, building and distributing your own programs.

Download Rizonesoft SDK

You can download the Rizonesoft SDK self-extracting package below.


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