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Version 5.21.1129.1 (29 November 2021) Changes




  • Switching to Philippe Lhoste’s (PhiLho) AutoHotkey (AHK) Lexer.
  • Migration of Solution/Projects/Src for VS2022.
  • Switch to Scintilla default idle styling mode (none).
  • Reverting changes to F/R behavior, correction for empty pattern.
  • On file restore, do not notify immediately, but check against stored file attributes.
  • Remove the max win version check for undocumented DarkMode UxTheme methods.
  • SQL Lexer bright and dark mode highlight color enhanced.
  • Disable actively file change polling – rely on directory change notification by default.
  • Allow [Settings2] “FileCheckInverval” to be zero(0), means no active file change polling.
  • Enable context menu for Statusbar.
  • Enable context menu for Menubar.
  • Use “round nearest displayed digit” method for estimated file size display.
  • Limit file size: 2GB (Until WideCharToMultiByte() / MultiByteToWideChar() INT32_MAX issues are clarified).

CHANGES Versions in Tools or Libraries:



  • Correction of a typo for command “Gui” in AutoHotkey (AHK) Lexer.
  • Sync with current Oniguruma v7.0(ß) dev.
  • Some other findings on the positioning of multi-instance launch.
  • Relaunch multi instances: don’t cascade if pos param already defined.
  • Positioning on separate instance launch.
  • Positioning multi instance launch.
  • Don’t clear occurrence markers for unchanged search pattern.
  • Correction to VS2019 project settings.
  • Find/Repl wildcard pattern handling.
  • Find/Repl dialog – empty search string should have no match (blue).
  • Wrong format for reporting number of replaced occurrences “In Selection”.
  • “grepWinNP3” not intended switching file size search settings (GRE).
  • Key “Favorites=(path)” not added in “Setup” version.
  • “grepWinNP3” not intended switching “AllSize” settings (GRE).
  • Don’t save default values for Caret and Whitespace.
  • SQL Lexer dark mode highlight default colors.
  • Disabled menu items if settings file itself is locked by file change notification.
  • Over paint annoying menu-bar bottom line.
  • Dark-mode system menu bar coloring (except bottom line).
  • Correction of some wrong keyboard shortcut (Alt+ Up, Alt+ Down).
  • Translucency (alpha) settings for white-space indicator.
  • Dark mode aware auto-completion-list-box.
  • Goto-Dialog: digit grouping of line/column numbers.
  • Digit grouping for replace occurrences result dialog.
  • Better hyperlink style in dark themes “Dark” and “Obsidian”.
  • Initial factory window position.
  • Web-Action commands should use also user-defined app to open hyperlinks.
  • Reset background color for “visible whitespace” if not defined.


  • Remove deprecated “AutoReloadTimeout”.
  • Remove Old and deprecated Notepad3 and grepWin icons.


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