Before you think “Not another Memory Booster / Optimizer”, Rizonesoft Memory Booster is not just another Memory Booster. And yes, I know that many software companies claim that they have the solution to never upgrading memory again. First of all, most of these companies are full of it, most of them rely on the placebo effect, this is, if you think it is going to work, it will. Also, most of them will try and optimize your system by forcing memory out of RAM.

Rizonesoft Memory Booster does not run on the placebo memory optimization engine and will not force any memory out of your RAM. It will however make a safe Windows API call that tells Windows to clean up the work space of all processes thus freeing up any memory, processes no longer needs (Clear Processes Working Set). It will do this periodically to help improve the speed and the stability of your system.

Keep in mind that this method will not free up a big amount of RAM, but instead will, as previously stated, improve the stability and performance of your computer. This will also cure memory leaks and in some cases has been able to unfreeze programs. Because it uses a Windows API call, you know that it is safe to run. Memory booster will now also force processes trying to hog all your processor power to calm down a little. It will scan all open processes; when a process with a priority of above normal is found, it will set it to normal. In turn this will free up some needed processing power.

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Updated November 21, 2017
File Size 1 MB
License Open Source
Requirements Windows® XP, Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1, 10 (32 and 64 bit)

29 thoughts on “Memory Booster

  1. Dan

    Antimalware/Antivirus are deleting the main file. They think is a trojan file… Any comments?

  2. Krzysztof

    If I understood properly, Memory Booster is something like garbage collector, right?

    • Rizonesoft Post author

      Yes, thats a good description. 🙂

  3. Matías

    An excellent ram booster/recovery. (The best could say). thanks Rizonesoft <3 (damn economic situation… i'll donate soon, your programs are VERY useful).

  4. andi sadler

    Not sure if it works. Looks ok and installs just fine. Windows 7 HP 64 bit with 5 Gb ram.

  5. Vaughan

    Good program, and with a nice user interface.

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Krzysztof

    Thank you very much for your answer Sir Derick Payne.

  7. Krzysztof

    Sir Derick Payne please write or programm Memory Booster operates under the Windows 10 64 bit.

    • Rizonesoft Post author

      Already working on it! Just takes some time.

      • Jon

        Will keep an eye out, been using mem booster for a while. 😉

  8. Juan Carlos

    The Best RAM memory-recover software I’ve ever used, and I can believe it’s a freeware, when others charge your for a crappy program, thanks Rizonesoft !! and a big thank you to Sir Derick Payne, thanks again, !!!!! Yeahhhhh

    • Rizonesoft Post author

      Yes, it will run on Windows XP.

  9. Buzz

    memBoost.exe in the download ZIP file is infected with W32.HfsAtITSTIL.23CB malware as reported by online scanner. Please disinfect and re-upload the EXE file. Thank you.

  10. amer

    how to remove memory booster from pc ? thankyou rizonesoft

  11. Jobe

    I was having constant “freeze-up” issues when running multiple apps on a W7-64bit with 4 Gigs Ram.
    My MB only allows for 4 Gigs so adding more Ram was not an option.

    Since installing Mem Booster, I have been running stable. Thank you so much for this great utility. Definitely worth a Paypal donation.

    • Judge & Jury

      HI Jobe, Have you tried setting Windows system Memory Management (Page File/Swap File) to a “Fixed” Amount? (meaning 3072 min/3072 max). That way the swap file is a “Single File” on the Hard Disk. This will give some better performance. The swap file can also be defragmented on the hard disk for better disk performance.

  12. Blake H

    You say that it will scan all open processes and when a process with a priority of above normal is found, it will set it to normal. What if I want some processes to have a higher priority, is it possible to disable the automatic priority change?

    • Rizonesoft Post author

      If you disable the force processes to behave, this will disable the automatic process priority setting.

  13. C

    Instead of getting Memory Booster, I get Firemin… I think you need to fix the link?

  14. Per

    Is there any problems with using Memory booster on a SSD ? Create writes ?

  15. John

    Memory Booster is awesome! Thank you very much!

  16. Stuart

    I just tried the update for Firemin, (The 3.9.7), and found a significant dicrease in performance. I therefore set the default memory clean if the memory goes over 10MB, just as in the previous 3.90. I found no improvement. I then went back to the previous 3.9.0 and got the speed back again. Maybe which version and settings work best with who depends on what machine and specifications per user, I don’t know. So right now, I am back with the 3.90.


    • rizonesoft Post author

      Not sure why you would experience the decrease in performance. I will keep on testing it on my side. Please keep on reporting any other issues you experience.

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