Firemin Update

Thank you for using Firemin; your support is greatly appreciated.

The latest Firemin update is more about, and download it here. To report any issues, send us a message using Telegram, or report it on GitHub here. Read more about the various support options here. Furthermore; if you would like to translate Firemin into your native language, read the how-to guide here.

If you get SmartScreen or Anti-Virus warnings, read the Is Rizonesoft Software Safe? article or click on the image below to view Jotti’s malware scan of the latest Firemin update. Remember to let your security provider know about any false positive.

Jotti Nothing Found


Firemin is free and supported by volunteers. When you spread the word or make a donation, you help us serve you better. To donate, click on the button below, enter in the amount, and send us the donation. Because it’s PayPal, you know it’s easier and more secure than carrying cash. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries, it’s quick and easy to sign up.

Firemin Changes

  • Remove redundant variables and functions.
  • Fixed Automatically closing applications during update install.
  • Optimized calling Terminate versus Exit functions.
  • New process priority setting.
  • New "Reduce Memory on low memory systems" feature.
  • Fixed some language string variables.
  • Added Afrikaans translation.
  • Added support for Traditional Chinese (zh-TW).
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Added [Preferences] Tab_Performance = Performance.
  • Added [Preferences] Group_Notifications = Notifications.
  • Added [Preferences] Group_Priority = Priority.
  • Added [Preferences] Group_Memory = Memory.
  • Added [Preferences] Label_SetPriority = Set process priority.
  • Added [Preferences] Checkbox_SaveRealtime = Save priority above high (not recommended).
  • Added [Preferences] Checkbox_ReduceMemory = Reduce memory on low memory systems.
  • Renamed [Update] Button_Update = Download new version to Button_Update = Read more.