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By | December 17, 2017

Because digital forensics is another hobby of mine. I am excited about this giveaway from The Windows Club. You can download the free Practical Windows Forensics eBook here now. Normally it will cost you $31 to get this excellent eBook, but now, for a limited time, it is totally free (no strings attached). Just fill in the details as required and get your free copy. Unfortunately, this offer will end the 12th of April 2017.

The Practical Windows Forensics eBook is a good place to start if you want to learn more about digital forensics. With detailed explanations on how to gather evidence properly and guides to teach you the various stages of the analysis process, this is a must read.

Practical Windows Forensics begins teaching you the principles of digital forensics and the methods used to perform the analysis. Furthermore, it teaches you about the different tools and techniques you can use to analyse volatile and non-volatile data. Including how to recover data from hard drives or flash drives and how to use various tools to perform registry and system analyses.


Get even more with the Practical Windows Forensics eBook

Apart from teaching you all the techniques, tools and methods for the analysis process, Practical Windows Forensics will also teach you how to examine Emails and Browser history efficiently. Because these contain evidence that is an integral aspect of an ongoing investigation. Also, it teaches you how to extract evidence (data) from a computer’s memory and how to investigate network traffic.

Easy to Follow Instructions

The Practical Windows Forensics contains easy to follow instructions that familiarize you with the concept of digital forensics. You learn the basics and all the Windows Digital Forensics in detail. With clear illustrations and detailed how-to guides, you can be a Digital Forensics expert in no time. Furthermore, it contains real world advice to help in practical application.


Practical Windows Forensics, not just helps you learn about forensics but also teaches you the various software and techniques to use in the digital forensic process. This eBook is a must read for all wannabe forensic specialists.

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