Doors Prototype [Discontinued!]

By | December 17, 2017

We Discontinued the Doors project. It will be replaced with the Alien Hive project that will have all the Doors features and more. I will not anounce a release date, because that just gets me into trouble.

Before you download Doors, please keep in mind that this is a prototype version and is not functional! The reason for us publishing it now will become clear soon. Because Doors will be our flagship release, most other posts will link back to the Doors page. The main advantage of publishing software prematurely is that the user (you) can control the direction I move in while developing it. Give me your feedback and suggestions to ensure that the final release is what you need and contains all the features you want. Think of it as a follow-along project. All suggestions will be considered and remember that no suggestion is too small.

Doors Screen

What is Doors?

In its basic form, Doors will be a Microsoft Windows Repair suite for repairing everything Windows related. It will be compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. All our software releases and many third party tools will be bundled with or integrated into Doors. The best free tools available will be chosen for inclusion. The end result should be a truly useful utility suite. I work as a computer technician in my day job and found that my software toolset is lacking. I’m constantly searching for and downloading the correct tool for a job. I’m developing Doors as a complete software toolset fit for any job.


There are many ways you can contribute to the Doors project. The easiest way to contribute is by giving your constant feedback or suggestions. Donating a small amount will help pay the bills and keep Rizonesoft running and developing quality software.  Software developers can help with coding tasks or contact us to have your creations included into the Doors suite. Contact Us and if deemed useful, your freeware will be included. Doors will contain many third party tools, but nothing is set in stone; if you want to suggest free or open source third party tools for inclusion, please do so. Get involved and help us shape Doors into a utility suite worthy of any computer technician’s pocket.

Rizone’s Power Tools is Back!

Many Rizonesoft readers have requested that I bring back Riznone’s Power Tools (WinPower) and for all of you there is good news. Doors will be a replacement for WinPower and will port all WinPower features and much more. The final Doors release will be available the 29th of March 2016. A new prototype release will be available at least once every week and with each release more functionality will be added. So check back frequently for updates and tutorials. Consider subscribing to Rizonesoft to get updates delivered to your inbox. You can subscribe to Rizonesoft using the subscribe widget in the right sidebar.

Download Doors

Go here to download Doors, but remember that the functionality is limited. If you are a programmer, download the source code and get involved with the development process. 🙂

Doors is Portable and no installation utility is necessary. After downloading it, simply extract the archive and run the executable file (Doors.exe). Carry it around on a flash disk and use it anywhere, anytime.


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3 thoughts on “Doors Prototype [Discontinued!]

  1. Bullshit

    This Website is rubbish there’s is no download links for Doors , every link (even Go here to download doors link) is redirecting back to this page (Hyperlink is set for this page) , and page is not updated for a year . I wait for some time to try doors but i can see that this website is totally f*ck*d up . have a nice day

    1. Rizonesoft Post author

      I apologise for this. We discontinued Doors and are working on a bigger project called Alien Hive. I just forgot to update the post. I will not announce a release date for Alien Hive, because this just gets me into trouble. 🙂