Cleaning House

By | February 14, 2018

We are cleaning house here at Rizonesoft and I would like to tell you more about this and our future plans. A few months ago, I started optimizing to prepare for more traffic. A little optimistic; I know, but rather be prepared than sorry. We started with the website’s sources; removed unnecessary functions and styles, optimized the images and changed the download system.

Furthermore, we started cleaning out some of the useless and unrelated posts. Yes, I know, not a good idea for SEO, but my OCD is forcing me. I created 2 new sites; and all WordPress, SEO and Website related posts will be moved to All freeware related, not our Freeware, will be moved to As a result, the only posts left on, will be about Rizonesoft freeware and technical stuff, like “How to Defer Updates in Windows 10“.

Rizonesoft Cleaning House

The Rizonesoft Download System

We opted for a faster download system. This will allow us to serve downloads efficiently without any interruptions in the service. The problem with the old download system was that as soon as there are to many simultaneous downloads, Rizonesoft crashed.

In addition, the problem was worsened by people hot-linking to our files. Hot-linking is where people post a direct link to a download on their site. It then looks like the download is hosted on their side. The user (down-loader) never sees our download page. They miss all the important notices and we are stuck trying to handle the traffic. We implemented hot-link protection and download folder protection in the new download system to combat bandwidth thievery.

As a side-effect, a small amount of people using proxies can experience issues, but I think everyone would agree that this is better than Rizonesoft being down for everyone. If you experience issues with downloading our software, please send me an email and I will share the download for you on DropBox.

New Releases and RSS

Every software release will from now on have its own dedicated post with a complete change-log and important notices. This is double the work, but the benefits makes it worth while. This will mean that an RSS notification will be available for every release. We tried push notifications, but it seems a little intrusive and was not received well.

Final Notes

The workload is intense here at Rizonesoft, but we do our best to get everything done in good time. Please be patient and rather contact us if you have an issue; do not just leave and never return. I’m sure we can sort it out; whatever your problem is.

Below is a list of other notable changes:


Thank you again for your support and helping us make Rizonesoft great. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve for you, please leave a comment or contact us if you are shy.

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