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In this section we will post all the important announcements from Rizonesoft. I know it’s not fun reading boring announcements, but please do not skip them, or you could miss something important. We will do our best to keep it as interesting as possible.

Is Rizonesoft Software Safe?

Lately, I’ve noticed an increasing number of our software being detected as malware or unsafe. With many planned releases for the near future, this is a serious issue. It has effected our reputation, because many users now believe that Rizonesoft distributes malware. Furthermore, many users will never return for a second visit because of this. So, Is Rizonesoft… Read More »

Help Survive

It is true that nothing is free. Even though I give everything on away for free (even the source code), I still need to pay Rizonesoft’s bills. Everything costs money these days; from hosting to maintaining the computer I do my programming on. In addition to this; I need to constantly acquire new software to keep Rizonesoft… Read More »

Rizonesoft now Open Source

After some consideration, we have decided to release our software under the  GNU General Public License, version 3.0 (GPLv3). Yes, that’s right; all our software will be open source from now on. Furthermore, the source code for our open source programs will be available as a separate download, or from our repositories on GitHub. Open Sourcing software is… Read More »