You can be Anonymous on the Internet

By | December 17, 2017

You might think that you are anonymous on the internet; think again, you will be amazed about the amount of personal information is available on the internet about you. Some of the information is public and others only need a court order to be released. How many times do you think somebody Googled your name?

Governments, investigators, lawyers, employers and Google junkies; will use the internet to “research” a person often. And with the amount of information that could be floating around about you, they will find out much more than they need to know. A good hacker can even bypass a particular site’s security and collect even more; like your credit card information.

Can you be Anonymous on the Internet?

I will suggest that you create an alias and use that for registrations. The only problem here is; where billing or earning comes in play, you have to use your proper details for the transaction to be legal. Another problem with the alias solution is social networks. You would like your friends to find you, right? This all makes being anonymous on the internet hard, if not Impossible.

Fortunately, there is a proper solution to remove yourself from the internet and be anonymous. is a simple, but brilliant website that guides you through the process of deleting your accounts from various websites.


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When visiting, you will be presented with many color coded buttons. Green means it is easy to remove your data, Yellow means it’s moderately difficult, Red means it’s extremely difficult and Black means it is near impossible. By the looks of it; some sites will never let go of your data and destroy your anonymous dream. will not only show you how to delete your data, but will also publicly shame websites that refuses to let users remove their data. Hopefully, if enough people know about, these companies should change their ways. Help accomplish its task, by sharing this post with all your friends. The more popular JustDelete.met becomes, the more power it will have when helping you remove yourself from the internet and be one step closer to your anonymous dream.

Contribute to was created by Robb Lewis, a UK-based developer frustrated with how difficult it is to remove your personal data from particular websites. Lewis wrote on his blog, “After seeing a few tweets about how difficult it can be to delete your Skype account and then hearing that Netflix flat-out won’t delete your details I decided to build”. You can suggest new sites to be added to by emailing Lewis or contacting him on Twitter here.


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