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By | February 16, 2018

In the world of SEO the best content management system to use must be WordPress, but upon further inspection you will notice that you still need to tweak it a little for SEO. One of the most important WordPress settings is Permalink for SEO or the URL structure. A new WordPress installation has a default URL structure like this:

This is not good Permalink for SEO and you will need to change it. If you have used the above default URL structure for a while and have some inbound links to your site, it will be better to change it and attempt to update all your inbound links than leave it like is. If you are unable to update the links to your site, I suggest you use the outstanding Redirection WordPress plugin. With it you can manage 301 redirections and keep track of 404 errors. Other words, redirect your faulty inbound links to your new URLs, but more about redirection and SEO a little later.

In this article we will be discussing the Best WordPress Permalink setting for SEO. We will also be looking at several recommended URL structures SEO and why you should avoid using them.

WordPress URL (Permalink) structure and SEO

WordPress Permalinks

When it comes down to On Page SEO, have your focus keyword in the URL plays an important role in its ranking. You want your keywords in the page’s URL, but it should still be easy to read and remember. Permalinks is the first thing you should change when tweaking your WordPress installation, but if you have an established site and only discovered permalinks now, there are some workarounds as previously mentioned.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalink to see the various URL structures you can choose from. Below are some of the recommended Permalink settings. (/%postname%/) (/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/)

The best setting to choose is the first one, the permalink. This is also the URL structure we use here on The Post Name URL structure is the best one to use, because it is short, to the point, easy to read, easy to remember and works best for On Page SEO. Although many bloggers will recommend, I would recommend avoiding it. It looks terrible, not easy to remember and can be a problem when republishing a post. When republishing an old post, it will display the old date and this will look bad.

The permalink is also recommended by many professional bloggers, but in my opinion is also not a good one to use unless your categories are meaningful and you are not using multiple categories per post. Using the category URL structure can also lead to duplicate content being indexed and that is not good for SEO.

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