5 SEO Tools to Boost Your Google Ranking in 2018

By | February 17, 2018

In this article, learn more about 5 SEO tools to boost your Google Ranking in 2018. Success in any trade is impossible without proper tools, yet, not every industry sees tool development at such a rapid pace as with SEO. For instance, when it comes to something traditional like carpentry, with some slight alterations, tools are more or less the same since the Roman era, whereas in the field of digital marketing, SEO in particular, new features trends and options appear with each passing day.

Because of this, one doesn’t only have to worry about the new tools they need to acquire but the act of innovation alone. Seeing as how it will become one of the core values necessary for success in SEO, it is vital that you learn how to adapt, improvise and overcome. That being said, here are five SEO tools that you need to embrace in 2018.

5 SEO Tools to Boost Your Google Ranking in 2018

1. Rank checker

The first issue that a lot of SEO experts tend to forget is that each of the pages of your domain has their own standing as far as Google is concerned. Sure, their joint performance is what determines the successfulness of your website. So, in order to ensure that your website has no black hole, pulling your entire online brand down, you might want to get a reliable rank checker and hope that it will provide all the answers you need. Some tools like SERPs Rank Checker are particularly handy, seeing as how they also come with features like Google Location changer, which can be useful in more than a few ways. Once your business becomes an international must, tools that allow this feature become a must.

2. Duplicate checker

Another thing that Google simply despises is the duplicate content. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to avoid copying someone else as you might have assumed. First of all, you can never trust your copywriters 100 percent and even those who have been working with you for a long time may be tempted to send you pre-used content if they suspect you aren’t checking. On the other hand, not all content duplicate is malicious. A lot of content creators use similar sources when researching on a certain topic. The more credible, reliable or reputable the source is the greater possibility of this happening. Moreover, some idioms, phrases, and terms are so industry-relevant that they repeat post after post. Therefore, you need a tool like Siteliner that is going to handle this check for you.

3. A/B testing tool for your emails

According to numerous surveys, email marketing yields about 4400 percent ROI. In other words, it brings back about $44 for every $1 invested. With this in mind, it is more than clear that it is one of the most reliable digital marketing techniques out there, as well as a powerful tool, capable of giving your online presence and indirect SEO boost. Still, you can never be 100 percent sure that you’re doing this the right way around. Aside from this, 4400 percent is an average ROI and your own figures can go above or beyond that.

The only way to check this for sure is with email A/B testing. In this way, you are putting your emails in controlled, yet, life-like environment, which means that you get a preview of how they would act in action. With the right tool, such as MailChimp, you can see how messages you send through this channel respond with different demographic groups, as well as, what are the specific circumstances that affect its performance.

4. Focus on the local search

Another important aspect in 2018 is local search SEO. First of all, there is an interesting statistic that claims that 78 percent of all local mobile searches result in offline purchases. While some may argue that this revenue boost doesn’t improve your SEO, they would be wrong for two reasons. First, it brings the audience to your website, which is, on its own, an important SEO metric. Second, you never know how many of these people are going to leave comments or favorable reviews, therefore improving your online footprint drastically. Those willing to learn more about benefits of local SEO services might want to invest a bit more time researching this topic.

5. Crawler optimizers

The way and the speed at which your website is indexed greatly depends on the way in which Google crawlers approach it, therefore, you might want to invest in a tool that helps them assume a friendlier attitude towards your website. For instance, with a tool like Robots.txt Generator, you get to choose where crawlers start their search, as well as which pages on your website are disallowed to them. This last feature is particularly useful and interesting, yet a surprisingly great deal of SEO experts still remain oblivious to it. Apart from this, making your website easily navigable is yet another way to make it crawler friendly.

In conclusion

Apart from this, there are some additional changes you will have to keep an eye out for in 2018. Voice search is a feature on the rise, which means that you might want to explore your options in this regard. The number of mobile searches continues to rise, yet, this is hardly a news in the world of digital marketing. In fact, this is one of the reasons why no mobile-optimization checkers were included in the list above. Of course, SEO rank checkup, or several of them, is mandatory as a metric that will tell you whether you are actually doing a good job. Overall, with the right tool, your job becomes substantially easier.

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