4 Unique Gadgets That Improve Home Life

By | December 17, 2017

As technological developments and discoveries become increasingly sharper, more complex, and intelligent it’s only natural (and in our minds, fair) that they extend into our homes to make living a little bit easier.

More than just smartphone technology, these everyday gadgets can sync with just about any device that is willing and able with Wi-Fi and, more recently, infrared capabilities.

So toss your wires, plugs, and remote controllers away – here are 4 unique gadgets that will definitely improve your home life.

Ring Zero

Gadgets - Ring Zero

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The future is here! Gadgets you can wear… on your finger? Yup, control any compatible device through a Wi-Fi or infrared signal with Ring Zero’s sophisticated hub pairing technology.

Create your own gestures and draw them in the air (a play button to start your iTunes playlist, or a downwards arrow to turn down the volume, for instance) and Ring Zero will obey your command thanks to an LED sensor that picks up your every move. But don’t worry about sending mixed signals—you are the sole programmer of this device. Simply connect any smartphone, tablet, appliance, or even an app to Ring Zero One and customize the gestures for each action however you like. So you’ll have one ring to rule them all…


If you are going away for the weekend and leaving your teens at home alone, we bet you probably have a few suspicions. Just because you said “no parties” doesn’t mean they won’t happen, right? Well, whether or not you are dealing with rambunctious kids or are feeling wary after hearing about a few break-ins in the neighborhood, you will want a home-security camera that makes you feel safe and confident. The Netatamo has facial-recognition software that alerts you when your family members are home and, via the smartphone app, it will send you a “ping!” when it detects an unfamiliar face. You’ve just taken overprotective dad to a whole other level.

Nest Thermostat

What better way to tend to your nest than with an energy efficient home gadget like Nest Thermostat? At Modernize we’re passionate about creating a space that makes you and the world a better place through eco-friendly design and that warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing your home is exactly the way you like it-and Nest’s smart technology does just that. As you set the daily temperature for your home, Nest will memorize the times and temperatures throughout the day and night and intuitively change it for you.

Pronto Smart Remote

For the tech-loving couch-potatoes-okay, sorry, just tech-lovers-who lose their TV remote way too often, the Pronto Smart Remote works with bluetooth and infrared technology to turn your smartphone into an intelligent app that replaces the gadget. Over time, Pronto will begin to remember your watching habits and allow you to switch back and forth to your favorite channels with just the touch of a button. It can also recommend shows for you based on your viewing history and connect to DVD

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