4 Android Farming Games You Should Have

By | December 17, 2017

Tired of playing the same old game. Looking for something new. Don’t you worry because “Farming Season” is on! There is a new trend in the gaming industry market i.e. Android Farming Games.

It’s fun and makes you feel like you have escaped to the country side far away from the busy city life. The peaceful mornings, planting your own crops. Trading your goods and sharing them with your friends. Every day you will have a new adventure waiting for you.

You will find many farming games on Google Play Store. We’ve chosen four of the most popular Android Farming Games for you.

1) Farm Story 2

Farm Story 2

Farm Story 2 is basically a farm simulator where you can build your own personal farm and learn how to raise animals. Farm Story 2 is one of the best android farming games and has some incredible features, like mini games. Discover hidden surprises for expanding and enhancing your farm when you play these marvellous mini-games. These mini-games include; trading, fishing, mining and cooking games.

Farm Story 2 is an online only game, you need a internet connection for it to work. It gives you a feeling of what real farming is all about. You can also share your achievements with your friends all over the world.

You can easily link Farm Story 2 with various social networks, such as Facebook, but be cautious here; Storm 8 will have access to your personal information when you link to a social network.

Farm Story 2 was recently updated on April 19th, 2016 this shows that the game is actively being maintained and you will not need to live long with that bug you found.

Big Barn World Classic

Big-Barn-World-Classic-IconBig Barn World Classic is the latest from the android farming games collection of 2016 by airG. You can play Big Barn World Classic on your own, or join up with friends.

Friends can help you with building your farm or increase the growth of your crops, this includes the big juicy melons; no pun intended.

This game is filled with lots of surprises that will reminds you of cartoon characters that you used to watch when you were a kid.

Imagine finding money trees, gingerbread houses, beautiful dashing black horses and green ugly ogres. Oh! Wait, there is more… just play it and find it out.

Connect with your friends on social networks and share your achievements, learn new strategies and get farming tips from fellow farmers.

Village and Farm

Village and Farm

Village and Farm takes you back to the Middles Ages when farming was what people did for the living. A peaceful life in the countryside away from dust and pollution. Having a tough, enjoyable life with your beautiful crops and animals. Android Farming Games do not get better than this.

This game has some amazing features; you can cook some delicious food, plant fresh crops, trade with framers worldwide, feed your lovely animals, greet your friendly neighbors and so much more. You will find some tough challenges that you have to complete in order to the next mission. Collect coins to buy new appliances or decorate your farm.

Farm Villa 2: Country Escape

Farm Villa 2 Country Escape

Farm Villa 2: Country Escape takes you through an extraordinary adventure where you can collect rare goods, craft creative new recipes, raise your animals and grow your crops with friends. Build your own farm and give it your name so everyone would know whose farm it is.

Farm Villa 2 was the most popular farming game of 2014, but it’s still one of the best Android Farming Games of 2016. Just give it a try and you will see what I mean.

Farm Villa 2 has some exciting new adventures that you can share with your friends on several social networks. It’s completely free, however in-game purchases are available for additional content.

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