5 SEO Tools to Boost Your Google Ranking in 2018

In this article, learn more about 5 SEO tools to boost your Google Ranking in 2018. Success in any trade is impossible without proper tools, yet, not every industry sees tool development at such a rapid pace as with SEO. For instance, when it comes to something traditional like carpentry, with some slight alterations, tools are more or… Read More »

Best Free Website Hosting Solution

I recently decided to reserve the domain DerickPayne.com, because every online hobbyist should have a domain in their personal name. But most of all, it is a cool thing to have. However; just reserving the domain name is not enough, or at least for me. I also wanted to create a landing page for DerickPayne.com, but like many… Read More »

Cleaning House

We are cleaning house here at Rizonesoft and I would like to tell you more about this and our future plans. A few months ago, I started optimizing Rizonesoft.com to prepare for more traffic. A little optimistic; I know, but rather be prepared than sorry. We started with the website’s sources; removed unnecessary functions and styles, optimized the… Read More »