[Resolved] SSL Certificate Expired!

Our SSL issues is a thing of the past. I installed a 3-year SSL certificate and moved Rizonesoft.com to a new host. Hopefully we will receive better support from the new provider. Hi all; 2 days ago, our SSL certificate expired and this has left many disappointed in Rizonesoft or even angry. I apologize for any inconvenience this… Read More »

Command Prompt from Here Shell Extension

Who can remember the Windows XP PowerToys from back in the day, when Windows XP was the latest and best available? Microsoft PowerToys is a set of indispensable Windows utilities developed by Microsoft that enhances the capabilities of Windows XP. Personally, I love PowerToys, especially the “Command Prompt from Here” or “Command Window from Here” PowerToy. Probably, most… Read More »

Clean and Speed up Windows 10 with the Build in Disk Cleanup Utility

Windows can quickly fill up with Junk files. For Example, temporary files, as the name suggests is files that are temporarily created for use with certain tasks. When these tasks are complete, these files become redundant. In this article, I will show you how to efficiently use the build in Windows Disk Cleanup Utility to clean your PC… Read More »