9 Diagrammatic Tools for Efficient Project Management

Project management is a challenging process from planning a concept, executing it, and meeting specific goals. Doing all this proficiently is no joke ― it involves plenty of dedication and focus. It gets even tougher if accurate information is not available at the right time. Therefore, companies need experienced and certified project managers. In result, there are a… Read More »

5 SEO Tools to Boost Your Google Ranking in 2018

In this article, learn more about 5 SEO tools to boost your Google Ranking in 2018. Success in any trade is impossible without proper tools, yet, not every industry sees tool development at such a rapid pace as with SEO. For instance, when it comes to something traditional like carpentry, with some slight alterations, tools are more or… Read More »

Best Free Website Hosting Solution

I recently decided to reserve the domain DerickPayne.com, because every online hobbyist should have a domain in their personal name. But most of all, it is a cool thing to have. However; just reserving the domain name is not enough, or at least for me. I also wanted to create a landing page for DerickPayne.com, but like many… Read More »

Notepad3 Build 862 Released

After a slight delay, the new Notepad3 Build 862 was released today. With another impressive release log. It feels like we are getting closer to perfection, but I’m sure the testers at GitHub will find even more bugs for us to sort out. But, this is not necessarily a bad thing; we need to be aware of bugs,… Read More »

Cleaning House

We are cleaning house here at Rizonesoft and I would like to tell you more about this and our future plans. A few months ago, I started optimizing Rizonesoft.com to prepare for more traffic. A little optimistic; I know, but rather be prepared than sorry. We started with the website’s sources; removed unnecessary functions and styles, optimized the… Read More »

Is Rizonesoft Software Safe?

Lately, I’ve noticed an increasing number of our software being detected as malware or unsafe. With many planned releases for the near future, this is a serious issue. It has effected our reputation, because many users now believe that Rizonesoft distributes malware. Furthermore, many users will never return for a second visit because of this. So, Is Rizonesoft… Read More »


7-Zip is a popular open source file extraction and compression program. It works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. It is easy to use, works with Windows Shell, supports encryption, and is completely free for personal and commercial use. I’ve used many compression programs and 7-Zip is one of the better picks.

Inconvenient truth about SmartScreen

My story starts, just like any other developer’s story would. My passion is creating software and sharing my humble creations with the world. Recently I noticed my creations (downloads) on Rizonesoft was being blocked by Windows SmartScreen. To be fair; it is not being blocked, more like a warning that the download can harm the intended user’s computer…. Read More »