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Before you think “Not another Memory Booster / Optimizer”, Rizonesoft Memory Booster is not just another Memory Booster. And yes, I know that many software companies claim that they have the solution to never upgrading memory again. First of all, most of these companies are full of it, most of them rely on the placebo effect, this is, if you think it is going to work, it will. Also, most of them will try and optimize your system by forcing memory out of RAM.

Rizonesoft Memory Booster does not run on the placebo memory optimization engine and will not force any memory out of your RAM. It will however make a safe Windows API call that tells Windows to clean up the workspace of all processes thus freeing up any memory, processes no longer needs (Clear Processes Working Set). It will do this periodically to help improve the speed and the stability of your system.

Keep in mind that this method will not free up a big amount of RAM, but instead will, as previously stated, improve the stability and performance of your computer. This will also cure memory leaks and in some cases has been able to unfreeze programs. Because it uses a Windows API call, you know that it is safe to run. Memory booster will now also force processes trying to hog all your processor power to calm down a little. It will scan all open processes; when a process with a priority of above normal is found, it will set it to normal.
In turn this will free up some needed processing power.


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Memory Booster (Build 1959) Mirror 1 Download 35,618
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  1. Stuart Stuart
    January 8, 2015    

    As helpful as i’ve found your memory booster with my SeaMonkey browser, I have found Firemin to be even more effective! Over the years, i’ve tried all kinds of gimmicks to help with the performance of Mozilla-based browsers. However, Mem Booster and Firemin are the first things i’ve tried where i’ve actually seen positive results! I wasn’t sure Firemin would work with SeaMonkey, since it had no pro-configured profile by default. However, from the go, it worked like a charm! Thank you! SeaMonkey is hardly using any system resources, and its speed now almost reminds me of the days of Opera 9! Thank you again!

    • rizonesoft rizonesoft
      January 8, 2015    

      It is a pleasure and thank you for using it. An update is coming soon!

      • Stuart Stuart
        January 9, 2015    

        I’ll keep an eye for the update, thanks. If I can get some free time, I would like to go to Firefox and related forums to spread the word to other users. Hopefully, I can do this soon.


  2. March 17, 2015    

    Really interesting, I search a way to clean my RAM, and Virtual Memory, I have another app that do this but it clean my ram will adding data to it, then the ram is full for some seconds and ~25% Ram is earned, well it work and have 2 modes to clean (smart and full).

    Anyway I hope to see a good thing, if it work well for me I can write a little review on my social networks : )

  3. Remz Remz
    April 13, 2015    

    There’s a bit bug in your superb software. In WinXP, the “Force malicious processes to behave. (Optimize Processor)” feature is not acting well as it should be, it’s auto unchecking/disable everytime the system restarts even for how many times I enabled it. I’ve tried it on my Win7 machine to clarify the issue.. so far it’s working fine w/o any problem. Hoping for it to be fix in next version of Memory Booster.

    Here’s the sample SS that I’m talkin’ about:

    Tried many memory booster but your software is the only one that perfectly works. Very easy to use, No hidden malware, Small memory footprint, Portable, and 100% FREE with no hidden ads. Indeed.. it was such an awesome software! Thank you so much for this top notch Memory Booster.. :)

    • rizonesoft rizonesoft
      April 18, 2015    

      Will get around to fixing it soon.

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