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Introducing Mozbase Optimizer

Introducing the new SQLite database optimization program called Mozbase Optimizer, Sure, I could have called it SQLite Database Optimizer, but that just sounds formal. I called it Mozbase Optimizer because it will mainly be used for optimizing Mozilla based programs’ databases.

If you have not figured it out from the intro above; Mozbase Optimizer can be used to optimize (defrag) SQLite databases used by many popular programs, especially Mozilla based programs like Firefox. This Mozbase Optimizer release is the first beta version, so expect it to be a little buggy. Please test it and report all the bugs so that I can fix them as soon as possible.

Mozbase Optimizer Build 262 Main ScreenRoadmap

The following is some of the planned features for Mozbase Optimizer. This is like my to-do list and will show you the direction it will move in. This list will be kept up-to-date on the main Mozbase Optimizer page.

  • Before the stable release, I will include support for Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Firefox Developer Edition, Comodo IceDragon, Chrome, Skype and many I forgot to mention here.
  • It will be integrated into Firemin, Mailmin and X-min. This in turn will form part of the Supermoz Collection (Expect a beta release soon).
  • I would like to improve the running program detection function. At the moment I am not happy with the way it works.


You can download Mozbase Optimizer from here. Download the 64Bit version for 64Bit Windows and get the 32Bit version for 32Bit Windows. The 32Bit version will work on 64Bit Windows, but is not recommended.


  1. B. Moore B. Moore
    January 14, 2015    

    So what the difference between what your app does, CCleaners option for Firefox Db’s and the Places Maintenance extension?

    • rizonesoft rizonesoft
      January 15, 2015    

      Sorry for the late reply. For some reason I almost missed your comment. There is no difference between what all these programs do, including my app. I just wanted to create my own. I do however plan to support more profile types than those you mentioned.

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